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  1. I have 4 clones and 1 seedling growing under 2 18w 1100Im cfls. 2 of the clones have rooted the other 2 clones are still looking green but are wilting. It's been 7 days since I took the clones. The seedling is looking healthy and is only going to be in the closet until it is big enough to live outside. I'm just wondering if the clones look normal because the rooted ones are starting to yellow. Should they be alright or should I just get them out of the closet and hope for the best? Also the clones have small buds growing on them even though they've been under 24 hour light.
    Rooted clone #1
    Rooted clone #2
    The 2 unrooted clones
    1513071797208-456329463.jpg 1513071888164-37062230.jpg
  2. Are they clones from autos?

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  3. Unknown bag seed. There's a chance it could be an auto it looks to be a hybrid based on the mother plant which has started to flower outdoors even though summer has only just started and the growth isn't too tall.
  4. The
    The unrooted clones are the ones which are growing buds which is strange as they've had no other growth
  5. Yh I just though if it’s budding it could be from an auto Ive heard you can’t clone autos. Keep me updated bro and good luck

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  6. How many hrs of daylight do you have? And how long was the mother plant vegging before going outside and what was her lighting schedule?
    If she was a mature plant put outside and daylight hours weren't quite long enough, she my have gone into early flower. As the days get longer, she should go back in t the vegging state as long as she's a Photoperiod. Odd growth may show. Single leaves. Not serrated etc. She will eventually start to resume normal growth. Same with the clones. Your unrooted ones are fine as of now. How do you know there aren't roots unless you are pulling them out of the starters. As long as they are green and not totally wilted. Sometimes it takes a while. I've had roots in as little as 4 days and I've had others take 2+wks.
  7. I know they haven't rooted by very lightly pulling on the clone. Not enough to move them but just enough to see how strongly they are held in the starter. The mother plant was grown completely outdoors by seed along with another plant of the same strain. The mother is about a month and a half old and was planted in November. I live in new Zealand so it's currently summer averaging around 25 degrees Celsius. The mother had a bit of weird growth having single leaves and got tall which I believe was from a lack of sunlight so I moved it and it has bushed out and begun flowering even though the daylight here lasts for around 14 hours. Could be stress induced or maybe it has some auto flowering genetics. It's a bag seed of unknown strain.
  8. Ok. Outdoor plants can sometimes start flowering at around 14. If it was less than that when she was mature enough, she may start to flower. Are your days getting longer or shorter?
  9. Longer it's heading toward mid summer
  10. Plants don't normally flower in my area until February
  11. That's ok. I think the lack of light early on pushed her into flower early. As the days get longer she will produce more of the vegging hormones and begin vegging again. Same with your clones. I'm in the U.S. and one of my outdoor girls did the same. Don't tug on the shoot. Tiny fine roots can be torn from the stem. Don't mess with them . Just keep them moist and warm with some light.
  12. OK thanks :smoke:

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