Healthy Cannabis Plants

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are the plants healthy

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  1. IMG_3245.PNG are these green crack plants healthy?
  2. They almost seem like they are more indica than sativa because of how thick the leaves are

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  3. Pretty obvious answer man ?
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  4. I can't tell if they are or not because they seem droopy and the plant seems more indica than sativa

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  5. Well it's a hybrid strain is it not?
    Plant looks healthy as fuck to me man
  6. Just googled to see and found out it is mainly a indica if I knew how to delete a thread I would because I just wasted everyone's valuable time looking and my dumbass thread.
  7. Hahaa it's all good bro ! But yeah they healthy AF
  8. You should get more drainage next time. Also pull all.other plants you have in those pots. You dont need them leeching your nutes.

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  9. Does Perlite help with drainage because I am doing a soil grow with coco on top to help with water retention but underneath I have lots and of perlite and soil mix
  10. Yeah man mix the perlite though all the soil I think it's like a 70% 30% mix - I could be wrong on the percentage
  11. That's exactly what it does is help with drainage. Sorry it looked prettt clumped at the top but if there's lots you don't have anything to.worry about.

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  12. I think I did a little more than 30% I used 1 and a half gallons of Mr Stacky Organic Perlite for every 7 gallon bag. The thing I knoticed when ur using Perlite is when u buy a "18 gallon bag" or however much I bought it goes a insanely far way. Thanks for all the input guys stay toasty!
  13. quit showin off!!! bwaaahaaaaaa. im jealous
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