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Healthy 3 Week Old??? (Pics)

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Reggae420, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. What do you guys think??

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  2. Looks really healthy, nice thick stem for 3 weeks.

    What are you using for light? How often do you water?
  3. I water whenever it is dry an inch down which is about once every 48 hours, I have 2 CFL lights on it right now, 1 45 watt and 1 30 watt but I have another 30 watt ready to go, I think the reason for the thicknes of the stem is becasue I have a nice fan blowing on it at all times.
  4. Looks nice and strong... are you going to begin any sort of LST? Most of my bros think I get a little nutty with my LST but I'd start tying that girl down within the week.
  5. Looks a litle small for 3 weeks. Click on my sig i'm at the same stage as you. Other then that the plant looks very healthy.
  6. dopereppin: I think he's referring to 3 weeks from germination and your referring to 3 weeks veg (after a couple weeks of seedling growth). Am I wrong? If I am then dopereppin your babies are racing.
  7. haha yeah when I say 3 weeks I mean since the day I put the seeds in the paper towels to germinate
  8. How long do you guys think I should keep growing this plant until Im ready to flower? I was thinking 1 more month.
  9. depends... are you aiming for just one cola there? Or would you like to LST a little and drastically increase your yield? A month veg time in soil is likely to produce a single cola without any LST. I've seen some huge yields off soil plants that were vegged for 2 months.

    If you just want buds quick, a month will be fine... but you could get a lot more out of that lady.

  10. Yeah my time scale starts from germination, guess my plants are just blooming.
  11. I am not really farmilia with LST so i guess ill read up on it, it seems pretty complicated but Ill look into it

  12. Naw bro, LST is SIMPLE! LST (Light Stress Training) is the concept of lightly stressing your plant to promote growth. By bending your plant over instead of growing it straight up (by the support of a string tied from your plant stalk to the base of the pot), your plant will grow out another shoot towards the light. This can be repeated to promote multiple colas instead of just one.

    Here's an example of the best LST'ing I've ever seen on a single plant: http://forum.grasscity.com/harvesti...e-lady-i-think-shes-ready-what-about-you.html

    There are several different methods of training available for your plant. Do some googling.

    You can find a ton of good answers here as well:

  13. I dig it... sorry buddy I'm not that experienced, just sharing my knowledge. I've never grown in soil before don't know much about the nutes. Check growfaq.net though theres a good chance your question's been answered there.
  14. okay, thanks alot for your help bro
  15. I think they look great! *jealous* If mine look like yours in a few weeks I will be happy. I'm gonna attempt the LST I think...good luck to you!
  16. Haha a bit of a noob to be leaving comments saying my nutes are shitty arent we?

    But just search LST method in google and if your feelin lazy just click images and its pretty self explainitory after that...........
  17. haha I said your nutes were shitty???

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