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Discussion in 'General' started by Lithium, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Alright, I'll do my best on being insightful. Marketing for cigarettes has been down the consumers throat for decades now. Along with the marketing is of course the health experts who try to find every damn thing they can that is unhealthy about a cigarette. The truth is, cigarettes are bad for you. Everyone knows that. But there are these extremists, like, who enforce their beliefs and sometimes stretches-of-truth on the consumer. Cigarette companies have done jack shit about this. These companies have not changed one bit with their marketing, or their cigarettes. The reason is simply because their success rate has sky rocketed instead of fallen! Marlboro still has that damn cowboy, you know, that masculine aspect of smoking image, and theyre doing just as well as ever. Light and ultra light cigarettes came out in what, the 70s-80s, and this have not improved the health factor of cigarettes more than an insignificant amount. Why hasn't a company thought of developing a healthier cigarette? I mean, jesus, think of these big companies introducing a healthier formula of tobacco. Marlboro introduces Health-light 100s. Good marketing plan to follow, and would make tons of money. Extremists might be a bit more leniant towards these companies, eh? Say, each cigarette included 1/8th of your nutritional value for every vitamin and mineral. That might be an idea. Or, pack all the nicotine and less tobacco into a smaller cigarette, which ultimately creates less smoke. Or, perhaps an additive that takes the place of nicotine, and is not habit forming. Imagine it.

    - Lithium
  2. i've read in several places, that only 20% of tobacco related illnesses are caused by chemicals which occur naturally in tobacco

    apparently BY LAW tobacco has to be fertilised with a specicif fertiliser which happens to be radioactive, and it is this which accounts for 80% of tobacco related illnesses

    if this is true, then maybe if they stopped putting shite in the tobacco it wouldn't be anywhere near as bad for you.

    i only started smoking tobacco after i started weed. i had no weed left, and i was bored, so i smoked this cigarette i found in the kitchen and have smoked cigs ever since then. i want to quit though. bleh

  3. No, they don't. But there is such a thing as a healthier cigarette. It is simply not AS harmful as a normal cigarette, theoretically.
  4. i think the reason that wouldnt work is cuz you get the flavor from cigarettes in tar, and tar is wats in the cigarette thats bad for you, thus if you were to make a healthy cigarette it would jus simply taste like garbage.. i think haha
  5. You can smoke herbal cigarettes, they are pretty good =D Even though lately I've been smoking lots of Swisher Little Cigars, they just taste so good and are cheap as hell :)
  6. i was trying to quit smokin cigs and smoked those herbal ones too. blahh. ooooo i convinced myself they were fine lol.

    the menthol ones are better, but all in all, they all suck!!!!!

  7. And they're nasty, to boot
  8. my mom smoked menthol salems for some 30 years... just how long does it take for those crystals to start workin? hah...
  9. holy crap i didn't know that. a friend of mine smokes those. i'll have to tell her. but i was takin aboot the menthol herbal smokes. or does that apply to them as well?
  10. in a way, your lungs bleed all the time.
    thats how they work.
  11. I can't smoke anything but menthol... I think non-menthols are nasty.


    I've resolved to quit before my birthday.

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