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healthcare rant (apologize in advance)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitraw, May 21, 2010.

  1. Most of the people flooding here are coming from a 3rd world country. It's not exactly a compliment to brag that we're better than a 3rd world country. It's like "Congratulations! We're Mediocre!"

    Now if Canadians were flocking over our borders like Mexicans were I'd be willing to brag.
  2. I understand that, but if a guy decides do come here from the Ukraine, as the OP did, where healthcare is a given, he should have known that it isn't like that in the U.S., at least not yet. I mean, at least do some research first.

    If he really wants free healthcare and dental, a job, housing and educational benefits, then he should apply at the local Armed Forces recruiting station. They're always willing to give a young person those things, as soon as they're sworn in and begin their training. :)

  3. Again your asking for things the government has no business being in. You realize that the more "free" things the government hands out to people the more your gonna get taxed. Everbody praises the Canadian healthcare system, but you realize Canadians are taxed like three times as high as Americans?

    I realize that for YOU universal healthcare makes the most sense cause YOU want it, but again why should I have to pay for your PERSONAL health problems.

    "bringing children into the world costs tens of thousands of dollars" Hmmmmm lets think about it then if we DONT have tens of thousands to spend on a new baby.....LETS NOT HAVE ONE!

    What do you think people did 1000 years ago? There was no healthcare or any of that crap and look we're here!
  4. damned good point - Id go with your thrid option mate... go home and stay there. Or come over here... I went to the dentist 4 days ago for 5 caps, a bridge and scrap and polish and they didnt even ask me for any cash...


    I understand that people dont want to pay for each others healthcare - but as america has a fully capitalised system you end up having to extra money for peoples profits. In a 'socialst' healthcare system - no one makes money so the prices are as cheap as possible. Basically - no insurance companys and middle men make any cash.

    Your $120 asthma inhalers cost me about $7 - just as an example

    Its not about you paying for each others healthcare - its about you all not being bum raped when you get ill.

    Everyone here has seen Sicko right?
  5. well, ukraine being better than u.s. has nothing to do with this. I never said it was better. There are plenty of things i like and dislike about both countries, i was just using healthcare system as a way to compare.

    BTW its ukraine. Not THE ukraine. I don't know where people get that "The" from. There is only one ukraine. It can't be the ukraine. You dont say the france, or the germany do you?

    Shit i wish i still lived in buffalo, ny. I would've driven across the border to canada and gotten shit done there. I'm in az now and i guess i could go to mexico, but i don't trust that shit.
  6. Id honestly recommend every american going abroad for healthcare - I seriously would. Get yourself down to Cuba for a holiday... App (Source: Sicko) they produce the most doctors per population than any other country!!! France also kicks the poo out of every other countries healthcare!!! Book a holiday! Hell, mate - ill put you up if you fancy the UK... dentist is literally over the road!!!

    You know, as much as I like to get americans to explain there politics through arguements its purely out of love and intrigue for the country. Id have moved there myself by now if it wasnt for there disgusting healthcare...

  7. We don't have a capitalist health care system, the Federal government pays for more than 50% of it. We have universal emergency health care too.

    It is really a fascistic health care system because the people are robbed and then the state hooks up the corporations. It's also really heavily regulated to prevent any competition.
  8. Interesting, I actually thought it was completely privatised... IE you have to insurance to be given any healthcare in any hospital. If its government funded, why are prices so high?

    can u point me towards any good sources of info please?

  9. Which is one of the reasons Regan said America was the last bastion for freedom. You dont seem to understand what we lose by letting the government in to our bodies.
  10. The main reason prices are so high is because the government has removed the consumer/taxpayer from the picture and subsidizes a corrupt private sector. For example, in our most recent health care legislation Obama guaranteed PhRMA exclusivity in US markets without price negotiation, even though generic brands are 1/5th the cost.

    Here's an older thread you can read through where I'm sure we talk about all this: A Four Step Health Care Solution

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