healthcare prfessionals ??

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  1. just wondering if any one els on here is or is plannin on becoming apart of the emergency medicine (EMT, Paramedic , nurse, ect.) or anything like that??

    i took a first aid class when i was 12 i have been hooked ever since.
    Im currently a state Emergency medical tech. (EMT) .

    EDIT: EMS is serious job so i would never go in stoned what so ever so please dont jump to conclusions. i take my job extreamly serious because at any molment some ones life could depend on my .
  2. I am an EMT-I, working on my EMT-P...

    Its a lot of work, but it pays off in the end.

    Are you volunteer or paid? I am paid, work in the hospital. Then run calls on nights I'm not working.
  3. i just got my EMT-B im workin a volunteer truck right now. im gonna go back to school for my EMT-P next year
  4. i am a healthcare professional and believe that you can enjoy marijuana AND be successful in your work if you refrain from mixing the two. i never, ever smoke pot before a shift because I strive to provide my clients with the best quality of care possible, which i can only do if i'm sober.

    if you are passionate about helping people, please follow your dreams despite what other people many think about your lifestyle. i hope you take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. i wish you the best of luck in your career. :)
  5. No, but I work with EMTs on a regular basis. They are very good people, they have to be to do the job that they do.

    an EMT saved my life a couple years ago. If it weren't for his quick thinking I would have bleed to death.
  6. I could never do it, I would be way too freaked out

    Props to you guys though, that's serious business
  7. Yeah, seriously. It's a great thing seeing people doing productive and good things with their life.

    But the thing that made me the happiest from the thread was seeing that you guys take your job seriously and don't fuck around with the green before/during work. Its great seeing people being responsible. Props for that. :D
  8. i'm a nursing major but i might volunteer for the local EMS squad.
  9. I've been an EMT-P for 3 years now, currently im first a first year med student.
  10. I am a practitioner of healthcare.
  11. i'm going to be honest here - i have had days where i've felt bad about the fact that i smoke, like i'm a hypocrite because in school we're taught to advise patients to avoid 'drugs' and all of that, and many people i know frown upon pot-smoking healthcare professionals. i find i feel worse about it more if i've been talking to people who don't agree with my lifestyle choice. it gets hard sometimes...but in my heart i know better than to feel that way, especially after having done research on marijuana's many medicinal benefits. i am a medical marijuana supporter and believe that people should have the right to use marijuana if it helps increase their quality of life. sometimes i wish i could be more open and vocal about my beliefs but i feel as though i have to stay discreet in order to keep my job and license which is unfortunate.
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    You must be discreet, if you wish to keep your job and license. You never know who the nazis are within a practise. Personally, I choose not to work with fellow practitioners who do not believe cannabis is medicine.
    I believe it is medicine. I believe it is tonic, in general.
    I do not use cannabis while at work, unless it's an emergency. And if it's an emergency, it's acceptable for me to do it, as it doesn't effect my performance.
    I do not smoke it, I use tincture of cannabis, so it's discreet.
  13. I've been in between going for a degree as an EMT or a Registered Nurse. Both of the schools I've frequented have said on a number of occasions that they wanted me in their individual programs, so it's all a matter of deciding what I really want to go for while I get my photography career in order. They're both things that I love doing, but being an EMT seems like a slightly more interesting path, as opposed to nursing I mean. Plus if I'm going to be traveling the world as a photojournalist, a good knowledge of emergency medical practices would be excellent to have on my side.

    A couple of schools in the area actually wanted me in their medical programs, and one of them recomended that I train as a surgeon, but I don't qualify for any scholarships and I don't have two hundred grand lying around for school just yet. Maybe some day, but definitely not now.
  14. Do your self and future career a favor; go for nursing, not EMT.
  15. What do you mean?

    Seriously, I'm curious about what someone who works in the field thinks, especially being an EMT yourself.
  16. You'll have more opportunities to advance as a nurse, as well as higher pay.
  17. i start college this fall for pre-med. i'm gonna work my ass off because i wanna be a doctor. i wanna be the guy calling the shots. plus it's interesting and rewarding like crazy.

    kinda sudden, but i'm glad i'm doing it. medicine is an amazing practice and i'm excited already. 7 years of school is gonna kill me tho lol
  18. Not yet, but will hopefully be attending medical school in a couple years (just took the MCAT two weeks ago!)
  19. Pre-Dental student here, majoring in Chemistrty and will be a junior this semester. I quit smoking a couple weeks ago and told myself I would stay away for the whole semester and get into shape. I just hope my gpa is high enough to get into any school, I am also pro-medical cannabis

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