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  1. Alcohol is injuries to health or not ?
  2. i'm not an expert but i believe is CAN be an injury to your health. just control the quantity of it. too much of anything is bad for you. just control how much you drink. eat healthy and stay active/fit... you can average it out. for example, if you drank a lot the night before exercise the liquor "sweat" out of your system. and again, I'm not an expert so I MAY be wrong.
  3. Yes To Much Can F up That Liver
  4. Alcohol is horrible for ya man. Doesn't stop me from indulging from time to time. Keep it responsible and you should be just fine.
  5. No need to question that.
    ALCOHOL is absolutely very bad for our health, especially when it is overused.

    some truths here.....

    There is an association between alcohol and injury, especially in regard to transport and violence. Young males aged 15 to 29 years are a particularly high-risk group for injuries generally and, as drinking is a very common practice in young males, there is a high incidence of alcohol-related injuries amongst this population group.

    Alcohol misuse can cause alcohol related brain impairment (ARBI) or brain injury. ′Binge drinking', drinking in excess of recommended levels in a single session or heavy drinking over a long time may lead to ARBI. Problems with memory, cognitive thinking and physical coordination are possible symptoms of ARBI.

    Problem drinkers and those diagnosed as alcoholics are at a greater risk of both fatal and nonfatal injuries than are those in the general population who may drink prior to an accident. Alcoholics and problem drinkers are significantly more likely than others to be drinking, and to be drinking heavily, prior to an accident. Alcoholics have also been found to experience higher rates of both fatal and nonfatal accidents even when sober. Daily drinking, binge drinking (consuming five or more drinks per occasion), and heavier drinking (fourteen or more drinks per week) increase the likelihood of injury as the underlying cause of death. The risk of accidental death has been estimated to be from three to sixteen times greater for alcoholics than for nonalcoholics.
  6. How much do I know about what makes up a healthy lifestyle? Here's a pop quiz. 1. How do you define working out?
    a. Going to the gym.
    b. Turning the jump-rope for the neighbor's kid.
    c. Playing Frisbee with your dog.
    2. How do you define good nutrition?
    a. Eating a vegetable at every meal.
    b. Eating two vegetables at every meal.
    c. Drinking a fruit smoothie for breakfast.
    3. Which of these is a healthy activity?
    a. Push-ups, sit-ups, or running the track.
    b. Walking the dog after dinner.
    c. Spending Saturday afternoon snoozing on the sofa.
    Believe it or not, the correct answer to every question is A, B, and C -- even that Saturday afternoon snooze! According to the growing "Stealth Health" movement, sneaking healthy habits into our daily living is easier than we think.
    "You can infuse your life with the power of prevention incrementally and fairly painlessly, and yes, doing something, no matter how small, is infinitely better for you than doing nothing," says David Katz, MD, MPH, director of Yale University's Prevention Research Center and of the Yale Preventive Medicine Center. Katz is also co-author of the book Stealth Health: How to Sneak Age-Defying, Disease-Fighting Habits into Your Life without Really Trying.

    Blueberry Smoothies
  7. Hi,
    The best advice I can give you is exercise daily and eat well. Eat at least 5 portions of fruit or vegetables a day. Try to cut out as much sugar and snacks as you can manage. Drink plenty of water. Exercise for about 30 minutes a day, remember this does not have to be running a million miles and lifting 10 ton weights. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and is great because you can walk briskly around shops whilst looking at really cute outfits!
  8. Obviously. It completely ruin your liver.

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