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Health risk?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Thekidthatshigh, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. My little bro is only 16 and he smokes bud like 3 times a day. Is this bad for his developing brain or lungs or anything else?
  2. Yes, inhaling the burning vapors of a plant is harmful to your lungs. Less harmful than cigarette smoke, but still harmful.

    Inhaling anything that is burning is bad for you.
  3. Probably. Bodies and brains aren't fully developed until 18-22ish.
  4. Another thing to consider-why does he feel he needs to smoke weed three times a day?:confused: Is he depressed, masking the symptoms of a physical illness or bored? How does he feel when he does not smoke regularly?
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    He says hes addicted and he thinks about it all the time.
  6. No. Goddamn, cannabis does not fuck up your brain.

    It's used as a medicine for a reason. Because it's good for you.
  7. I smoked that much.
    My sober friends flunked, I didn't.
    But he think's he's addicted? Oh god lol it reminds me of Haley when she says she's addicted to pot.
  8. Your brain works perfectly sober. It was designed to work sober (by God, nature, evolution, whatever you want to believe).

    THC may relieve symptoms of illnesses, but don't naively think that it has no negative effects.
  9. My brain actually doesn't work perfectly sober. Unlike most self-diagnosed people, I actually suffer heavily from ADHD and it's impaired me in my educational career throughout my life until I started smoking weed. I also have a chemical imbalance that makes me depressed unless I smoke weed. Also, my brain does not produce enough serotonin, and without weed or sleeping pills I cannot fall asleep without staying up for two days, let alone have a decent sleep.
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    I think about it all the time, too, mainly because I have to keep stirring it...

    Its important for young men in the age group represented on grasscity get proper health care.

    Unfortunately, adolescent males, who are at the age when many diseases manifest, often fail to obtain adequate health care. Girls start seeing OBGYNS about that age, guys drop through the cracks....
    ScienceDirect - Journal of Adolescent Health : Male adolescent use of health care services: where are the boys? 13.pdf
    If he's self medicating with large amounts of cannabis, determining what he is self medicating may be in order :)

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