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Health question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by KushBomb, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Could smoking a blunt sprayed with febreeze be bad?
  2. Based on the composition of Febreze, ethanol and some perfume ingredients are present in relative low concentrations, I would say that yes, a blunt directly sprayed with intent could be bad :p Why not keep the blunt fresh and spray febreze around yourself? Smoking blunts isnt good either if you're worried about health.
    GL and peace
  3. if you're worried about your health a little bit of febreeze is the least of your worry. blunts are wrapped with tobacco leaves, which carry nicotine, and are known to be far more carcinogenic than marijuana could ever possibly be.

  4. Pretty sure pot has a lot more carcinogens than nicotine..

  5. "But a recent review of studies on the effects of marijuana and tobacco smoke suggests that the cancer-promoting effects of these ingredients is increased by the tobacco in nicotine and reduced by the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in cannabis."

    - Pot Smoke: Less Carcinogenic Than Tobacco?

  6. Yes/No.

    "Pot" has more than Nicotine? Yes.

    Pot is a plant, that combusts. Nicotine alone, is a chemical/drug. This chemical does not cause cancer, PERIOD. Nicotine DOES:

    harden arteries, cause heavy physical addiction, improve short-term memory, raises cellular metabolism. This last part, cellular metabolism, is dangerous for people who are cancer prone, because it makes cancer cells multiply faster.

    Now, TOBACCO, is full of even more carcinogens than that of Marijuana, however overall, you are at less risk for cancer via marijuana, due to the natural cancer fighting properties that are already in the herb. This is the reason that marijuana is safe for cancer patients. Marijuana is also made into a lotion that has been shown to reduce the size of malignant skin tumors as well :)
  7. Marijuana smoke contains 50–70 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke.
  8. I don't mean to disagree with the anti-cancer agents in marijuana. Those are different than carcinogens.

    Marijuana users usually inhale more deeply and hold their breath longer than tobacco smokers do, which further increase the lungs’ exposure to carcinogenic smoke. Marijuana smokers show dys-regulated growth of epithelial cells in their lung tissue, which could lead to cancer; however, a recent case-controlled study found no positive associations between marijuana use and lung, upper respiratory, or upper digestive tract cancers. Thus, the link between marijuana smoking and these cancers remains unsubstantiated at this time.

    Nonetheless, marijuana smokers can have many of the same respiratory problems as tobacco smokers, such as daily cough and phlegm production, more frequent acute chest illness, and a heightened risk of lung infections. A study of 450 individuals found that people who smoke marijuana frequently but do not smoke tobacco have more health problems and miss more days of work than nonsmokers. Many of the extra sick days among the marijuana smokers in the study were for respiratory illnesses.

  9. Never said it didn't, but these carcinogenic hydrocarbons in combination with nicotine cause health issues VASTLY more often than those that occur while smoking marijuana

  10. To that, I have no argument. dm7111 in his first post said that marijuana does not have more carcinogens, I had to prove him wrong.
  11. #11 solarhitz, Jan 4, 2013
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    Smoking pot doesn't hurt lung capacity, study shows - Vitals however shows that even though tokers hold their hits longer it shows no impeded lung function compared to that of a tobacco smoker, and as far as studies go, you are picking yours up from old WebMD, find some of the newer studies, and you'll find that marijuana is currently being used to fight AGAINST cancer, that that there have been no confirmed links between cancer and marijuana

    Although the study was REPORTED by NBC news, it was CONDUCTED by scientists of JAMA, or the Journal of the American Medical Association.
  12. dont smoke ferbreeze, man
  13. "is increased by the tobacco in nicotine" <-- also makes me question the validity of the article.

  14. source?

  15. Yeah me too lol, but my point was defending your point.....

  16. that is the main point of my worry, however i would go as far as to say that your risk of developing cancer from marijuana is no higher than any of the other unhealthy things we eat and drink, as well as the dirty environment of living in a city (if you do)
  17. Yeah. I'd say unroll the blunt, salvage the weed, and re-roll.

  18. I didn't bring up cancer once.. I know that its has known and studied anti-cancer characteristics. ALLS I was saying is that marijuana has more carcinogens and that its a bad idea to smoke febreeze blunts.
  19. Uhhh what the fuck just happened? I thought we were talking about febreze on a blunt.

    Anyways it really depends on whether you sprayed it close by or deliberately. And why don't you just wrap a new one? (Maybe you can't, idk, I use a bowl :smoking:)

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