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  1. Don't worry ppl, I am not one of those guys who goes to an internet forum prior to getting things checked out, looking for answers.

    Yesterday I had a chest x-ray and they took some blood.
    I've also just coughed up some gunk into a tube that I have to deliver to be tested.

    So here is my symptoms.
    For the past week, I have had a migrating pain associated with breathing.
    Not breathing at all, just if I breathe in past 50% of my normal.
    It has been on my left and right ribs, on my back and my front.
    At this time it is slightly under my right ribs and surprisingly on the top of my right shoulder.

    I have not been coughing much, but at some of the times I have I've had some blood.
    Not a huge amount. maybe 10% of the material I've coughed up in total.
    I have also coughed up a tiny little bit of the kind of stuff I coughed up back when I used to have bronchitis.
    Since having bronchitis when I get a cold the symptoms sometimes recur.
    I have no throat pain or anything like that.

    The only pain I have is when I breathe in.
    Sometimes it is annoying, sometimes it has been severe to the point it feels like I'm being stabbed.
    I had a really bad night a couple of nights ago where it didn't let me sleep at all, because it had seemingly become worse and was acting up when I would breathe in say 15% of my usual.
    I had to take short shallow breaths all night.

    I am 32, and a non smoker. I have never been a smoker aside from weed and the occasional drunken cig which isn't something I have done in years.
    I have had no loss of appetite, and my only energy lack has been due to lost sleep.
    The main pain seems to happen when or after I am lying down.
    If I lay on the side with the pain at the time it'll get worse.
    As I slept better last night, I feel better today.

    So I looked at my x-ray results, not the pictures but the reports.
    Heart normal size. Lungs are expanded and clear. The only other comments were on things there were no evidence of.

    So I'm not too worried about it being lung cancer in all honesty, I have taken care of myself pretty well in that regard and the results seem to confirm that.

    Though what else could it be?
    I was pondering blood clot. Only since it's migrating.
    The bronchial stuff has been acting up and sometimes I cough pretty forcefully, that could be it?

    My blood and sputum tests come back on monday so I'll take my x-ray in at the same time to the doc, and hear back hopefully what's up.
    At this time he suggested antibiotics, and didn't seem overly concerned, but sometimes I wonder if certain doctors just do the bare minimum.

    Any ideas or has anyone seen or experienced similar?
  2. Anybody?
    A little antsy here.
  3. If I were you, I would google up anything related to 'coughing blood' because that seems pretty serious.
  4. Yeah I have done.
    Though google tends to give pretty extreme possibilities.

    Bloodwork came back though.
    Some kind've acute infection, nothing else showed up.
    Probably some recurring bronchitis and pneumonia both of which I've had in the past.

    So, strong antibiotics which I hate taking but will to get rid of this.
    Slept a little better last night too.
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    Juicing is way better than antiboitics and it will heal your body rather than killing bacteria without discriminating if it's good or bad bacteria. If you are going to go through with consuming the pharmaceuticals, I would strongly suggesting juicing or at least eating a lot of organic produce in varieties of colors alongside and after you finish taking the synthetic chemicals. Also try to consume probiotics whether in the form of pure probiotics or in the form of goat kefir or organic cow kefir for a good 30-90 ninety days to restore and promote the growth of beneficial gut flora.
  6. ulcer/ acid reflux? I've had similar stabbing pains due to acid reflux and it would generally happen when I was laying down. my pain wouldn't come from breathing in more than 50% so I'm not sure if this is relevant.

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