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Health Insurance Through My Employer?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by imprettygood, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. To simply put it...
    I have my medical marijuana card. I was just offered health insurance from my work, I applied and I just received a letter saying due to my condition I have to wait a certain period of time before the plan provides coverage. Normally, I would like to assume I would of just gotten my insurance card instead of this letter if I DIDN'T have a med card.
    Am I being paranoid about this, will I eventually get my insurance?
    Does the insurance company then know that I am a medical marijuana user? Can they let my employer know that or am I completely private about that?
    Any help or information would be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to keep the description simple, but if needed I can get into more detail!

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    the issue is a pre-existing condition, not the card.
    they are dragging their ass until 2014 when that practice will be ILLEGAL.

    I'm no big fan of the aspect of forcing people to buy a commercial product (insurance) even if they don't want it, and fine the piss out people that can't afford to buy insurance (ya, that makes f00cking sense!!!! they are broke so FINE THEM?)...ya no big fan of a lot of it but this part of not being denied nor GOUGED is nice.
    as to spilling the beans, about any of your MEDICAL INFO to any, they can't, unless they wish to support your early retirement (you could sue their ass big time...)
  3. yes, they are gonna give a waiting time to make sure your condition gonna cause them to have to spend there money on someone elses problem. in other words when you fall apart it was a "preexisting problem" and you or someone ellse should be responsible for costs of further care. had it happen to me. they will tell you it will be reviewed at a later date. ask the date,and then make sure there is a follow up inquiry. and trust me you will probably be the one to see that it happens. just wait till the date they specified has past then give 'em a call and make it happen. 
     and unless you want the insurance company to know you use reefer do not volanteer the info. same goes to the employer. they cannot give your employer any info unless your boss has a drug test policy in force, and you had failed a test. but sometimes having a medical card can actually save your job in the case of a drug test. seen it happen. 
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