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health benefits of hemp wicks vs butane lighters

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ottonavasota, May 4, 2010.

  1. I have had a lot of friends in Austin start using the hemp wick for lighting their pipes instead of strait inhaling butane gas and it does make a difference in the taste I've noticed. What I wanted to start a discussion about are the health benefits or problems of substituting the combustion of the hemp/beeswax vs. whatever flint/petrochemicals/metals are in the standard lighters we all grew up using. If you're not familiar with hemp wicks, here are some various brands:


    If you've used bic lighters your whole life and are healthy as a horse, let's hear about it. If you've tried hemp wicks before and think it really does help, why do you think that? Just wanted to get a wider array of opinions. Also, if you're interested in trying hemp wicks out one or two of the companies that make them will send you free samples so try it out and post your thoughts concerning the health and wellness aspect.
  2. I mean, theres the obvious difference in not inhaling the extra gasses that escape and arent burned off... but the wick's taste way fucking better..... hahahahhaha dunno if its just me tho
  3. I used Beeline for months, It wasnt worth the hassle of dealing with IMO without any noticeable heath effects.....

    I mean, If I thought they were making a huge difference in my health on inhaling butane fumes then I woulda stuck with em, But I noticed no such effect.

    Used a "good ol bic" for 18 years, i will continue to do so.
  4. I agree with the taste of them; when using them in a clean piece with some good bud is fan-fucking-tastic!!

    but the hassle of it is a pain especally if your lounging; last thing you want to deal with when using a large bong in a deep couch is a flaiming bit of twine...

    I keep it around for trying out good buds but other then that I don't find it worth it.

    On a side note;
    Try holding a bic to the bottom of a spoon (like you would if you were about to shoot up...) Clean the soot off, then hold one of thoes cheep transparent colored lighters to the bottom of the spoon.
    The cheep ones usually leave less soot.

  5. I have been using beeline for the past 4-5 months, bought a 200ft spool on eBay lol.

    I have to say I definently noticed a change in taste, it doesnt have that chemical butane taste that sometime appears when your trying to cache the last of a bowl and stuff. Also it burns at a lower temperature and doesnt scorch my bowls as fast, I believe that this could in turn increase the amount of thc i recieve because butane lighters burn at a much higher temp.

    Will I go out of my way to buy more beeline when I run out? It is hard to say at this point, but maybe after I go back to butane smoking for a few weeks I will start to see more of all the benefits that using hemp wicks gave me
  6. Never tryed it. i would like to however, but my headshop doesn't sell them:(
  7. I think they are silly, I've tried them many times, I think covers the true taste of whatever bud you maybe somking on, to me it makes every bowl taste the same no matter what the strain is, taste like a Hemp candle to me. I don't see what the difference would be between using a hemp wick to light your bowls to make it taste more like herb! and say a "watermelon blast" store bought candle to make your bowl of mids taste like a watermelon! Ive used a bic for decades now, simple 1 flick get the bowl lit, pull bic away, and enjoy the burning herb. My lighter is next to my bowl for an entire .001 second, I don't see how that would lead to me inhaling all this "Bad for the earth and your body butane". If your smoking bowls that taste like lighter fluid I'd be looking into the method one is using to lite bowls. just my 2 cents.

  8. hahaha a stupid question but what does this mean? that the cheapy combusts less of the gas?

  9. These are pretty cheap on ebay. Saw a pack for probably 5 bucks.
  10. [​IMG]

    These are awesome. Ease of a lighter, benefits of hemp wick. $5 on ebay.

  11. Well it would mean the the cheep ones use a higher quality naptha or burn the butane better.

    Not being a chemist I can't say much about it, but bics leave shit and cheep ones dont.

  12. so glad you put up that picture. I just ordered some of these and I was probably going to use them totally wrong.
  13. lol thats bad ass ^
  14. I can definitely taste a difference in the smoke when I use a hemp wick as opposed to a lighter. It tastes much better hemp wickin' it
  15. I've never tried hempwick, but since my taste palatte is messed up from smoking cigarettes I don't think I'd care to try either way. Butane is one thing; lighter fluid from Zippos is quite another. If you've ever intentionally/unintentionally inhaled Zippo fluid you'd be on the ground praising BIC lighters for their lack of taste
  16. The health benefit is mostly a feel-good "butane is a chemical and scary!" reaction. Butane is not very harmful at the doses you're exposed to via a bic lighter.
    That said, I enjoy the taste and use it regularly.
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  17. People say it's healthier like it is...noone knows that for sure.. And your burning hemp fiber and bee wax, I thought combustibles were terrible for you that's why vaporizing started? Don't buy it for health thats so foolish it's like taking a 12 gauge and a 9 mm to your head pulling the trigger and saying which is worse instead buy it because you're that guy
  18. Oh yea and you'll inhale way more tane in bho
  19. Just get a clipper or another kind of refillable lighter, and fill with your own refined butane. Like Vector butane or any of the others. I can definitely tell a difference in the taste of Bic vs. 5x refined butane etc.

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  20. Thank you all for your responses. How can I get a clipper or another kind of refillable lighter? Maybe I want fill with my own refined butane. Where can I find right Vector butane or any of the others. The health benefit is mostly a feel-good "butane is a chemical and scary!" reaction. But butane is not very harmful at the doses you're exposed to via a bic lighter.

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