Heady slides!

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  1. I got some cash to spend and am looking around for some good glass blowers......any names/websites would be great!!! :hello::hello::hello:
  2. Ghost
    D wreck
    Robin hood
    Those are a few of my favorites.
  3. look up bitfreakglass... a lot of those ^ artists are on there
  4. i just had a slide worked up for me by Itza. Im really happy with how it turned out and of course its cool knowing that noone else has one like it.
  5. Thanks for the names which one is your ALL TIME fav?
    Wow thanks for the site man some nice glass on there!

    Itza is near my summerhouse here in NY im going to visit his Kingston NY shop next weekend
  6. he joe does some sick work over there
  7. Thats a nice fillacello. I don't think I have ever seen one inside the bowlpiece before
  8. [quote name='"smashjohnson"']he joe does some sick work over there


    Thats the sickest bowl ive ever seen...
  9. thanks im glad you guys like it im actually having joe work me up a matching tube right now cant wait to see how it turns out :hello:
  10. [quote name='"BobbySent"']
    Thanks for the names which one is your ALL TIME fav?

  11. No problem I stumbled upon the site after countless hours roaming around on here :hello: so any help I can give is no prob. As far as some of MY favorite artists I really like the work doshworld and frito does.

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