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Heady Herb Pick Up *Macros*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by atlbuds, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I showed you some of my glass now some of my herb;)






    Like to try some?:wave:
  2. oh fuck yes! *gets papers, bowl, bong, lighters*

    im ready whenever you are..
  3. ill 2nd that:smoke:

    edit: or 3rd it haha
  4. oh fuck yes! *gets papers, bowl, bong, lighters*

    im ready whenever you are..
  5. holy shit man, it looks like sour patch kids where you can see the crystals sprinkled all over them.

    that's gorgeous bro
  6. last two pics are my kind of bud.. nice pick ups.
  7. :yummy: yes please!!! lol
  8. Dude we need to have some coffee sometime if you know what i mean ;] Hahahaaha jk jk but seriously nice bud
  9. that bud is ok..not saying its whack, but just ok...the shit that i smoke only a few ppl can get and itll knock you falt on yo ass.I probably flip that to some high school kids.
  10. Looks nice and fresh! Keep the pictures coming!

  11. dude, are you serious? :rolleyes:

    looks pretty fucking good to me :yummy:

  12. You can't be serious..thats your first post...? To come in here and try to act like u got better herb than everyone else? You would sell to some high school kids and probably get popped for it. Lets see this herb that "no else can get"
  13. That last Macro looks damn good. Very, very frosty. I'd love to have some herbs like those right about now! Nice pickup!
  14. I'll trade you some unmarked bills for that. :smoke:
  15. dont like the first kind so much.

  16. Its all the same type of herb. The first three pics are small pieces that I picked apart from the bottom of the nug pictured in the last 2.:D

    It is indeed very fresh.;)
  17. Damn Man Where In Atl You Stay?
  18. Up to share? lol

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