Heady Bubbler - Incredible Work

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  1. Went to the LHS the other day. Saw this in a display case and had to buy it.

    Has 5 diffusers in the downstem, incredibly functional as well as a piece of art.


    ^Favorite part of piece, work done on the bottom

    ^The face

    ^From the side

    ^ Mouth piece

    Hope you all enjoy like I am :smoke:
  2. That's pretty fuckin dope dude how much ?
  3. Looks awesome man, the sculpting is awesome. How much did it run ya?
  4. Holy tits that is sick. How much?
  5. That thing is fucking sick. How much you pay bro?
  6. Listed at 230, bought him down to 200 since I saw it there the previous time and it had been a while.
  7. beautiful piece man, i love seeing beautiful glass like this because it shows that the artist that made it really takes time and adds true passion to what they do.
  8. cool bubbler man. how much you drop on it?
  9. He dropped 200 on it. Read man read. -.-

    Sick piece though dude, good choice!
  10. Looks awesome, but I just know that face would scare the shit out of me at some point.
  11. i know i was just following the pattern lol
  12. One last bump so people get to see it :p
  13. My friend had a tube by the same artist, then he broke it :rolleyes:


  14. Haha no way that's crazy. Is it by Tyme? Because that's who did this one.

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