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Headstash I picked up (Purple Trainwreck)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Humboldtbuddha, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. So here a lil sack I picked up ... actually 2 sacks only one shown .. had weigh it out ya know ... lolz ... naw but any ways a couple zips of some dank ass Purple Trainwreck , hope you all enjoy pics my camera seems have probs with pics of nuggz but these arent 2 bad ....


    So what ya all think ???
  2. I think youre a lucky man

    take a macro
  3. u lucky 1 .....enjoy:smoke:
  4. Damn, 450 a zip??
  5. Hey there folks ... thanks for responses ... as for 450 a zip ?? dont know where ya got that but these 2 zips cost me nadda traded same amount of some other strain i had laying around ( Cali Mist )
  6. I really need to find a connect for good.. >_<
  7. Wow I can't wait I have a seedling of trainwreck growing, and 2 more waiting to sprout. That pic just was nuts. Hows it smoke?
  8. jw did u pick up clones or the TW or seeds? I heard it was a clone only strain thats why i ask.
  9. man I need to get up to humbolt now! I've never heard of TW purp, but that stuff looks DANK as hell!!
  10. nice pickup man!!!! i am loving the cannabible 3 too. i love the rene strain that jason king describes. he is so fucking good with words isnt he....
  11. How much it cost you to pick up those nugs?? im assuming it wasnt 450$-- looks delicious

    How much was the Kali mist??
  12. He traded his cali mist for the purple shit
  13. HAHAHAHA for some reason this line was reaaaallllly funny 2 me.
  14. 27.8 with the bag... its not a big deal but either 1. you got shorted or 2. you smoked some.

    with the bag it chould be around 30g (28+2...)

    i dunno, fuck it
  15. Hows the high from that trainwreck?

  16. the bag in the picture weighs 1 gram
  17. Trainwreck used to put me on my ass. Been awhile since i've had it, enjoy that shit. Dont go trading it.
  18. NIce pick up man! Dam that shit is nice
  19. yeah i kinda thought so... ok, so whats with the whole thing only weighing in at 27.8?? come on thats 1.2 grams. id be happy with 1.2 grams of that nice bud :)
  20. Yeah it does, regular baggies always weigh one gram. And even if he did get shorted (which he didn't) it's purple trainwreck so one gram isn't a big deal at all.

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