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  1. hey guys, I was lookin into purchasing a bong and I've heard of a few good headshops around the NYC area. Usually i just go to either shisha or blue nile for my piece needs, but then someone told me about NY Gifts. A year or two ago i remember stumbling with my buddy from NYU around the village high as shit and we randomly ended up at a store that I believe was NY Gifts, they had crazy bongs that we drooled all over but ended up not buying anything lol. I was wondering if any of you guys know where this holy land of bongs NY Gifts is located, i tried googling NY Gifts and got like 5000 stores around the village :eek:
  2. 6th ave and waverly, get off the d at w. 4th and walk down 6th ave a bit

  3. You just described exactly what I did with one of my buddys at NYU about 9 months ago. Funny/kinda creepy. Could never remember the name or where it was located so we just called it El Dorado and attempted to look for it a couple of times after with no luck.

    Gonna check out ny gifts though to see if that's the place. I have a vague memory of what it looks like on the inside so hopefully i'll have some deja vu when i walk into that place.
  4. I breezed past NyGifts a couple times..
    They do got glass but ju kno imma blunt man.
  5. NY Gifts is the best, the guy there always hooks up good deals.

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