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Headshops in tulsa?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by ty14, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. I plan on going to college at tulsa in September and its about 7 hours from my hometown.. I will be new to place and need to find a good lhs to spend my extra cash at.. I know theres a headshop online finder i already looked at that but i wanna know a good headshop with good service and cool people.. I seen sassy's was the best rated one but is it really? It seemed like all the headshops was right around the corner from the college :D... Anyone familiar with tulsa or surrounding cities with good headshops? I'll be going to fayetteville alot to watch hogs game and i know of a few headshops there with quality glass but i'd rather find a good headshop in tulsa that me and my buddy can go to, to blow a few extra bucks and pick up nice stuff...

    All help is greatly appreciated :wave:
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    I live down here in Norman and we got a decent headshop here and in the city. Shit is so expensive compared to online though. Oklahoma cops are fucking ridiculous too.

    Edit - Not sure on the Tulsa scene though.
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    Yea i heard oklahoma cops were dick heads.. On the arkansas state line there's a toll booth and my buddy and i went through there with a half ounce and all kinds of paraphernalia we were scared shitless that with our luck they'd have a dog there sniffing out cars but we made it through safely.. WE also later found out that you can get up to a years sentence in oklahoma just for one joint? Is this true?

    I just read this and it kinda scares me

  4. Yeah shit is crazy, NORML I believe will defend you for free on your first offense though. I really wanted to start my own grow but I looked at the punishments and under 1000 plants your ass is going straight to jail. Fuck this place, when I graduate I'm outta here.
  5. Yea i'm just going to attend the tulsa welding college because its a guarenteed job graduating from there.. Plus welding is a damn good industry to get into.. I don't plan on driving around and smoking in oklahoma anyways cuz i'll have an apartment.. Its the fact that i won't know anyone for a while there to buy bud from so i'll have to travel to fayetteville to pick up some, thats the part i'm worried about... I'll prolly take an ounce of chronic with me just to be safe for a while...
  6. You are kind of in luck, because I live in Fayetteville but I visit Tulsa all the time (just came from there today actually). I have been to a few LHS there and Starship Records is the best I've found so far. Good glass at reasonable prices. The Fayetteville scene took a huge hit when The Glass Eye closed.
  7. Is sidney's any good? My buddies said the one on dixon was pretty badass.. All my buddies are kappa sig's and they live in the frat house on dixon... One of my buddies bought a vortex from one of them but can't remember which one he said... Which one is the one with porch on the front of it? And also is sassy's in tulsa any good? I seen that starship was right around the corner from the tulsa campus :D what kind of bongs do they have there? Good brand bongs or just locally blown products?
  8. BUMP

    Anyone know any other good headshops around the tulsa area? idc to drive an hour or so... just wanna maybe check out buying some nice quality glass for when i get there..

  9. Man I've had some great times at the Kappa Sig house, that's for sure. Sidney's on Dickson? I haven't been there, but I'll check it out soon and report back. The Looking Glass took The Glass Eye's place, and while it's tiny, they do carry illadelph and other name brands. And as far as the shop with a porch, I can only think of one on Garland but I don't know the name.

    I don't really remember the names of the Tulsa headshops I've been to outside of Starship. Sassy's doesn't sound familiar. I was unimpressed with the selection at most shops there, but I was basically just looking for cheap, throwaway China glass to hold me over for my stay. I'd be surprised if Starship wasn't a certified dealer for several name brands, but I can't confirm.
  10. I think the looking glass is the one with the porch on front of the shop... Not too sure... But i know my buddies said there's a shop like right around the corner from the kappa sig house and they said there's some nice bongs there but i doubt they know the difference from china glass and quality glass so there's no telling... I really hope there's some nice glass in the tulsa headshops cuz i'd rather not wait on shipping on a piece and i'd rather support local head shops anyways..
  11. Since its almost game time i thought i'd go ahead and say go hogs!! I hope they beat ohio state's ass!

    Thought you might like to see a good picture too :D


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