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headshops in philly burbs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by confused92, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. anyone know of any headshops on the main line, between haverford and paoli
  2. well i live near philly nd ive never heard of any of those placess......

    but try Utopia up in Easton, only like a 45 min/1 hr drive on a scenic road, perfect for a blunt. the prices are awesome too, that or Artifax in the city but ive never been there.
  3. there is one in philly on walnut street and like 25 street its called wonderland
  4. theres moonflower in west chester on gay street and frolic in exton right off 30 near the mall
  5. You should go to Cottman Ave. in NE Philly they have the store Artifax they have great items selections and staff!!!
  6. nohting in the "burbs"

    you have frolic in exton, moonflower in west chest, wonderland on 23(?) & walnut, artifax on cottman ave, plus all the "bob marley" shops on south street & SJ cigar on south street.

    There is an indian market that sells mad bongs, unsure of where though. Flea market type thing
  7. where do you live on the mainline?! and there aint a single headshop on the mainline you gotta head out to easton like people are saying or into the city....thats where the headshops are at....
  8. my boys live near in radnor, glad wynn, & ardmore. where is your mainline location?

    The mainline wouldn't be "ok" with a headshop
  9. i go to radnor HS, their used to be a head shop in Bryn Mawr, but it got busted like 4 years ago. ive been wornering where the shops are around here too, has anyone found a shop recently?

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