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headshops in kansas

Discussion in 'General' started by rollablunt4me, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. does any body know if there are any headshops in kansas especially around the wichita area?
  2. I'm sorry to have to inform you of this but glass is now illegal to sell in all of Kansas, no more headshops. We had a couple great headshops in Lawrence but they were all forced to stop selling pipes and bongs, etc. I believe it came into effect 6 months or so ago. Closest place people here go now is Kansas City, Mo
  3. i buy glass for my friends in topeka alot....and they always hit up eye candy when they come to visit. lol. you can still buy papers lol.


    it sucks.
  4. Haha wow Kansas.
  5. in wichita there's outer limits that still has a decent selection of all your tobacco smoking devices... it's called "Outer Limits" on Seleca and Harry (I think), head west on kellog, take seneca exit, go left on seneca then keep going til you see the store on the left (it's hard to miss, has a lot of strange paintings on the building) turn on to the cross street and park behind (cross street is what i'm thinking Harry is)... down the road there's another one in a strip mall also on the left - i'm not sure what it's called or if they're still sellin' since the new law
  6. there is a headshop in Manhattan, Kansas. Its located in aggieville, its cald wildside and they sell shisha, hoohkas, pipes, chillums, sherlocks, etc. but i have never seen any waterpipes or bongs in there.
  7. in wichita there is mystic planet and oryans
    its not illegal i just bought a bong like a week ago lol
    but go to mystic planet the guy is hella cool and lowers the prices on all of his shit
    its over on 26th and seneca
  8. Hey everyone just thought I'd drop by this thread to let you all know that despite the glass ban in Kansas creation station in downtown Lawrence is still selling heady glass upstairs just be cool about it and they'll sell it to you. Basically the local cops are all real chill and not very hardcore against weed or anything. I doubt they would ever bust them. State cops would be the only concern
  9. There are some in Topeka. More than Lawrence, because it is college town, and they don't like that shit. Topeka has a few, one used to be called Mothers', on 6th street.
  10. No shit? What a bummer, Mothers' was the biggest head shop I ever been to, damn! I was born in Topeka, Ks. My band went to OKC in the late 70's, and that shop was there way back then.
  11. Is there any place to buy legal bud in manhattan ??

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