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Discussion in 'General' started by c-no, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. im trying to open a head shop in okc(oklahoma city) theres proably 6 already open city wide they seem to be doing well okc is a decent sized city so i dont think 1 more would hurt.I've got a name and found where to get cool shirts for cheap and i figure about 5g should be enough to get me started proably a G or 2 on water pipes glass pipes chillums etc. around $500 on tshirts proably around a g for display cases tshirt racks cash register security stuff like that and ive found some spots for like 700 a month but ive seen on here people say u need like 20gs so let me know if u disagree and why.Only thing is im havin some trouble finding a good wholesaler for pipes and stuff can anybody help me out on that?also what kind of liscence would i need i cant find any info on that?
  2. if i were you, id go get to know your competitors and try to get whatever info you can

    seems to me that people currently running headshops in your city would know that shit
  3. yeah but i doubt they will give me their connect on the glass thats bad for buisness
  4. 5k isn't enough to start shit. Some decent display cases alone will run you that much. The best tip I can give you is to take a trip to Corning, NY to find your glass connect. I know your from OK but if you want some nice shit for cheap you gotta go to the glass capitol.
  5. 5gs is not enough money to start a business .
  6. lol no way ive found some real nice display cases for $400 but thanks for that other info.

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