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    I am going to visit a couple head shops tomorrow in the Milwaukee area and I wanted to know of some reviews of some of the places. Like maybe telling me that it is a waste of time to visit so and so because lack of inventory or maybe too over priced. Thanks

    Oh and I did search and found some helpful things but just wanted some more information or more up to date reviews. These places should get websites.
  2. Thanks that's got some good information. But anyone know anything about closet classics, i have heard good things from my friends and also discfunktion I heard about.
  3. Anyone from the Milwaukee area to help out?
  4. Yeah, I got my bong from Discfunktion they have a really good selection. If you go anywhere go there. Also if you spend over $100 you get a T-Shirt that gives you discounts the next time you shop.

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