Headshop words? I'm confused.

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  1. So you know how everyone says to refer to bongs as water pipes or whatever? Is that true?

    So far when I've gone to a headshop I've erred on the side of caution, but did i have to? Is this a thing where your supposed to but nodody actually does and nobody actually cares? Do people actually do this? I CANT QUITE FIGURE OUT HOW TO PHRASE MY QUESTION.

    I just had this epiphany a moment ago and yes i am completely smakced.
  2. i was in one time and my friend said he wanted to look at some glass bongs and they corrected him saying they're waterpipes...

    bong implies weed use waterpipe implies tobacco use (even though ive never heard of someone actually milking up there tube with a fat rip of tobacco lol)

    id always stick with saying waterpipe...

    they even get mad at me if i call a glass filter a screen :eek: says it implies weed use :rolleyes:
  3. Using words such a bongs, or ANYTHING implying your using their products for anything illegal should not be said in the shop.

    In recent events, many shops up in NY got closed down in part because of this, but I don't know the whole story. Just as curtosey don't do it.
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    Never say:

    -Drug References

    Good alternatives:

    -Water Pipe (When referring to bongs/bubblers)
    -Filters (Instead of screens)
    -Tobacco (Instead of marijuana)
    -Slides (Instead of bowls)
  5. I've seen people get thrown out of shops numerous times for saying bong. Definitely, definitely say water-pipe(s). I say slides instead of "bowls" because bowl in my mind implies weed. Glass screens are glass gauzes or filters. Basically don't mention anything illegal.
  6. the only thing i watch out for is saying bong.. other than that, usually they are pretty chill
  7. Bong is gonna be a no no.
    Use your brain, even if it is under the influence.
  8. Paraphernalia is ILLEGAL in most states.

    Using drug slang for something makes it paraphernalia in the eyes of the law.
  9. wow lol really I've never had anyone say that to me when I said bong in any smokeshop

  10. Then you must live in a state where there is no paraphernalia laws.
  11. they always say at my local shop, If it rhymes with Song or Soul, don't bother saying it without headin for the door.
  12. Depends where you are, no one in canada really cares, and most of them sell weed anyways so the point is pretty much moot.
  13. if you dont know what to call it just point at it and say " may i see that right there" so you dont have to worry about getting anything wrong
  14. LMAO Thank you! I was reading all these comments like what??? Getting thrown out of a bong store for saying bong, thats fuckin jokes.

    One time I walked into a smoke shop in Toronto, laid my eyes on a custom dome perc'd beauty, I straight up opened my wallet and bought it. The clerk there said hes never seen such an impulse buy and asked if I wanted to go smoke it right now. I fully blazed with the owner of a headshop, fun day it was.
  15. i was at some gay ass indian headshop once and there was a cop parked outside, and my friend goes, "yo check out that huge bong back there!" i honestly thought the guy working there was gunna kill us
  16. Mine are fine.. No one really cares as long as you say that they are for tobacco not weed, lol..
  17. Yeah in NY you're not supposed to say Bong because then it apparently makes it refer to smoking weed and just by calling it a Bong the Head Shop could be brought up on paraphernalia sale charges.

    I've never heard of Bowl being a "no-no" word though, Bowl is definitely the proper term for the head of a pipe.

  18. yes, but, if your buying a pipe (spoon, hammer, etc) you would say pipe not bowl

    if you call the pipe a bowl (the whole thing) it implies weed use (what ive learned from my local headshop)
  19. Saying 'bong' is a big no-no. Just say Waterpipe, instead.

    Or, simply say "Can I see that -insert color- piece over there?". This way you don't have to worry about technicalitys.
  20. State laws regarding paraphernalia usually contain a list of things that are considered paraphernalia. Consult your state laws, and anything listed must not be said in a store that sells those things or the store could be raided for selling papraphanalia.

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