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  1. Where do headshop get there name brand glass IE roor, phx, illadelph etc etc. id like to find out cause ive been thinking of opening a shop.
  2. dude idk man.. opening a headshop is trickier then it sounds...

    ok first off let me ask you a question did you just smoke with some friends and be like "dude how sweet would it be to open and run a headshop."

    I hope you have money saved up, because a bank isnt going to give you a loan to open a headshop...

    but anyways off topic, google that shit im sure you can find your answers, find numbers for the people who manufacture the glass, hit the phones, do whatever you have to do if you were serious about you endevour you wouldnt be askin a bunch of stoners, you would be hittin the internet and phones..
  3. ive always been a fan of word of mouth first. and now this isnt a definite endeavor but i have been wanting to open a business. thanks fer input broggie.:smoke:
  4. Well if you need a loan from the bank try opening up a hemp store where you sell hemp clothes but you can have a section like upstairs where you can sell everything else(pipes, bongs, ect...) thats what the local headshop has done here.
  5. If your not already rich, you'll need a business plan, a good one. It will outline all aspects of your headshop down to the last penny. Banks want to know exactly where their money is going before they give you the loan, so you better get all of your distributors in line first.

    I'd start by contacting RooR, Illadeph, PHX, etc etc and ask them for the numbers to their distribution centers if they don't distribute their own product. Next find out how much it would cost to open a line of trade with them. Most distributors will ask for a certain amount for you to even be able to purchase their products at wholesale price. For example, you call RooR's distribution center and they'll tell you your first order must be $10,000, after that order as much or as little as you want.

    You will also need to come up with some projected earnings figures dependant upon where your business is located and how many people will come through that door. You'll also need to know exactly how much it'll cost to run this headshop every year until your business loan has been paid in full.

    There's a lot more, but since you might be 19 with a big idea, but little motivation, I'll stop typing now.

    P.S. - If your actually serious about getting this thing started, get a good accountant and lawyer to do all the footwork for you, that's what they are there for.
  6. No im 22 not enjoying my joe job lifestyle and want to do something for a living that i enjoy. thanks for all the info man thats a really good starting point. i just recently got layed off so before any of this comes to fruition we need to come out of this job shortage economy bullshit, and thats why i vote.
  7. You need to develop relations with the manufacturers... Alot of the primary glass brands also have catalogs
  8. You gonna stop smokin pot to open a shop? :D
  9. be pimp to own a shop, first dibbs
  10. if you go to google there's a place where:

    everyone does it
    [a] gorilla [sells] glass
    bolinat something something
    [a] Dr. [prescribes] bongs

    just a few of them

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