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Headshop prices are a ripoff (pics)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by silverbunny, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I broke my pipe last night so I went to the headshop to look for a new one but I got so turned off by the prices that I left and went to the corner store and found this one for 15 bucks. The same pipe would have cost me over 40 at the headshop. I rarely go to headshops because I either use papers or a pipe to smoke with , im not into bongs, vaporizers or any other fancy smoking tools. My question to you guys who frequent headshops is do you ever feel like your getting ripped off? bc I would have felt royally fucked if I had bought one there and then saw this guy for $15.

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  2. I've bought spoons that costed me 20$ it just depends on the quality of glass, tbh I wouldn't mind buying that piece for 15.
  3. Headshop prices near me are a ripoff

    fixed the title for you, I always find good prices there and can talk them down most of the time
  4. some headshops jack their shit up and its obvious, cus when you can get the same thing at half the price somewhere else. i noticed through the years glass prices have gone down in shop, ive noticed a lot more quality pieces becoming much cheaper then they were even 3 years ago
  5. I think so, I have bought a 20 dollar spoon that was small and had small openings. I didn't clean it much but now its impossible to clean no matter what I soak or scrub it with. I bought a 35 dollar one and it has larger openings and is much easier to clean, don't see it getting clogged to the point of being useless like the cheap one.

    I will say they are cheaper with cigarettes, cigars, papers, and tobacco. Much cheaper than any corner store.
  6. the one i go to usually has some pretty fair prices. A little more then id pay for something similar online but with shipping it would be about the same.
  7. I can find better stuff at my local head shop for cheaper than I would online.
  8. word up i got almost the same pipe for the same price. the buldge is more and a lil smaller in the middle more though and its blue/purple.
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    I think it all depends on which one you go to, cause there is a store near me that sells really good priced glass. Would be 8$ for that spoon you posted.

    But then there is a store down the street from that one that sells the same stuff for 25$.
  10. depends on the head shop itself. some have great prices others are expensive. plus you often get what you pay for in terms of quality.
  11. Agreed. Those variety stores selling huge bongs for 30$ aren't the worst shit in the world, but I can almost guarantee it that it will be a shitty china glass.

    I go to 2 head shops mainly in my town, High Times and Medussa's, and they both sell high quality glass. I have a bong from High Times that hasn't cracked for the year I've owned it even though it's had a few bad run into things in my backpack and such. My ash catch is basically the same story as my bong.

    I also got my new glass spoon from Medussa's for 30$. I thought it may be a rip off but I trusted them and bought it. Pretty solid, dope looking, good pooch protection and it hits reeeaaaalllly nice. If I buy a piece, I expect it to last and stick with me, so I at least buy a decent and sturdy piece from a headshop rather than a variety store.

    Just my 0.02
  12. I'm not into dry pieces unless they're worked. So you wont see me complaining about prices. Oh, and it's also nice to know how to haggle.
  13. China made vs Domestic made.

    If you're buying glass that was made somewhere here in the U.S., chances are its a custom piece and going to be more expensive than a mass produced China piece.
  14. I bought a one hitter the other day for 30 dollars... but it's beautiful, so I guess I'm happy about it.

  15. Wait a 1 hitter for $30?!?! Did it come with a dugout if not you got RIPPED the fuck off 1 hitters are 3 bucks everywhere I really hope that was a type-o if not I feel really bad for you!
  16. Depends what headshop. Some are total ripoff's. One opened up sorta near my house and I was looking to buy a quick temporary acrylic bong for like $15 because I've seen them at other shops for that price before. This place has the fuckin audacity to sell acrylic piece of shit bongs for almost $60. For a 1 foot, carb hole acrylic bong. Like.. what in the actual fuck. So I took a 15 minute trip down to Venice beach, and got a 16 inch GonG straight tube for $40. 1000x nicer. FUCK that headshop. Greedy son of a bitch.
  17. Try bargaining with them, every headshop by me will knock off a few dollars if you asked.
    In fact my friends got a bong and percolating ash catcher for $90 Friday when the sticker price would have been like 130.
  18. my friend spent 50 bucks on a pipe smaller than that 15 dollar one. I mean yeah its good glass quality and has an eye but his piece is pretty damn small. I picked up a nice sized bubbler from some other online headshop for 32 bucks. Well worth it imo, it's good glass, good size, and fucks you up.
  19. [quote name='"LSD THC"']

    Wait a 1 hitter for $30?!?! Did it come with a dugout if not you got RIPPED the fuck off 1 hitters are 3 bucks everywhere I really hope that was a type-o if not I feel really bad for you![/quote]

    Well when I say one hitter, I mean a small pipe. But every thing in my area is over priced. It was either a one hitter for 30, or a pipe 1 inch longer for 60...
  20. that's an awesome pipe for 15 dollars. I have a pipe in the shape of a cobra (and it's really, really cool in my opinion) that I got for 25 dollars at some gas station in florida.

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