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headshop near Kittery Maine?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by r3born, May 19, 2010.

  1. lookin to buy myself a nice bong at a headshop somewhere in the general area of Kittery maine, low prices and good quality would be awesome....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks
  2. jus look it up online im sure theres one or just ask some people theres shops everywhere
  3. yea ive found a few, none of them really have sites though
  4. u live near kittery tho? i know 420 shop in bangor and cosmic charlies in augusta but i donno i dont go south very often so im no use sorry:wave:
  5. no worries thanks for the suggestions
  6. Just make a little trip over to ne hampshire man. Thats what I do. HEadshops everywhere. I can think of at least 10:smoke:
  7. like round portsmouth?
  8. If you head south into NH, there are a couple great places in Seabrook, I don't think that's too far from you but I could be wrong.

    Two off the top of my head are Up N' Smoke and Smoke Ring. My personal reccomendation would be Smoke Ring but they are both in the same area so it would be worth checking out both.

    Also, NH = no taxes
  9. awesome man thanks for the suggestions
  10. no problem, be sure to post up pics if you get something

    I got my vaporizer at smoke ring and they gave me a great deal on it
  11. deff hit up smoke ring and up in smoke, i'd say smoke ring has nicer bongs tho. guy that works there can be a douche though
  12. will do, goin tomorrow homefully ill find something cool

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