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Headshop names

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by White Smoke, May 31, 2009.

  1. What are bowls (spoons) called in headshops? I have bought them before but i just pointed at which one i wanted and said i would like this one. I did the same with my recent mini bong/bubbler.
  2. glass pipes, you can say bowl and piece if you want i really dont think they'd mind, its only bong instead of waterpipe where they would go hard.
  3. alright thanks man, i'm goin to pick up a new bowl today and ill prob post pics of it in toking tools.:D
  4. nice, you going for the glass? or some other bowl
  5. Maybe glass. I'm goin for the best looking pieace for about like 8 bucks. lol. I know, 8 dollars is pretty low, but i usally get pretty good quality pieaces for that low. I have bought a bowl for 5 bucks once. (didn't last very long) but w/e. i'll get back to ya. (i'm goin for a blu color pieace also).
  6. bongs are waterpipes and bowl pieces are just bowls
  7. yea, i know.
  8. glass where ive bought was usually under 10, i think my metal went for 10-15, a blue spoon would run for 7-8, for 5 its uaully a tiny bowl, and for 4 the small glass had a defect, i want to go out and get some shrooms and a glass piece now, i broke all my glass except my 6" bong, good luck finding your perfect piece
  9. I usually just ask if I can "take a look at that piece right there" so I don't slip up and say "bong".

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