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Discussion in 'General' started by aeronautica86, Jul 17, 2004.

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  1. Just moved here; anyone know a good shop in the area that has salvia?
  2. Don\'t know if any have salvia, but you can check out \"Fantasy Imports\", on Camp Bowie. There are two out in Lake Worth, just over the bridge on the left. One is called \" A Step Beyond\" ( not much of a selection), the other is \"EZ\'s Smokeshop\", I think. I think there are one or two in Arlington, and several in Dallas too. Hope you enjoy the metroplex, there is a ton of shit to do and see.
  3. There are two in arlington, one on cooper called pipedreams exit cooper off 30 and its on the right a ways down, and one on collins off hwy 30 called gaspipe on the left side a mile or two down.
    (btw, coming from ftw you\'ll be going east on 30, make a right(south) on both of these streets)

    Gas pipe has salvia but its too expensive, they told me $30 a hit, A HIT!!!

    Its better to shop online or buy it from ebay(yes its safe, just look at the sellers reputation)

    Welcome to Dallas!!!
    Remember, you come to texas on vacation and leave on probation:)
    Fortworth laws are notorious for pulling ppl over for stupid shit, even if its just to see who you are, they have nothing better to do.
    Thats why i live in dallas now, never been pulled over here, but ftw, been yoked at least 30 times.....country asses....
  4. Thanks guys, thats good to know; I\'ll prob try that place on camp bowie and lake worth as I live in fort worth hopefully they have what I\'m looking for; if not there\'s always the internet
  5. aight; well I can find fantasy imports, but where is smokin dragon?
  6. Welcome to Texas. Dont fry...jk. Cant tell you were any are in dallas but if ur ever in austin i can help u out there.
  7. Hook ups or talking about hook ups or dealing is not allowed here in GC..

    There will be no other warnings...

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