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  1. Just wanted to let you all know, I did a little experiment with cloning.

    I ripped off several clones from a 1 week flowering bagseed plant, each one was a different size. Yes, I ripped them off, I didn't do any 45 degree angle or anything, just ripped it off the plant.

    One had 3 nodes, 2 then 1.

    All of them rooted in plain non-ph'd tap water after 2 weeks.

    Yes, that is a LONG time, but rooting was the last thing I thought all of them would do, and they had white hairs coming out of them!

    In fact, I think mold started growing on one of the stems, but who cares, they all rooted, and now they're all growing in their own pots.

    The one with 1 node actually had roots taller than the clone itself.

    Yeah, so my conclusion is... All you need is a soda can, tap water and ambient light.

    Figured i'd let you all know just in case some of you were still skeptical if this method is effective.
  2. We are trying to grow weed as efficiently as possible!
  3. thanks for clearing that up! I am also trying to get my clones to root....ive tried many times before and every time I end up trashing em because i think there dying....like yours mine also grew white hairs and looked pretty bad....i guess ill just let this sets go a little longer.
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    Make sure you cut the fan leaves in half, that helped a lot for some reason.

    I did that about 1 week in, the tips of the leaves were rotting before hand. However, that didn't stop them from rooting.

    I don't have pictures of the roots since i threw them in soil before they got outta hand. I didn't check up on them often so they were rooting for a while before I noticed it. They're in pots now, so they look like every other mj plant here :) Wait like 3 more days and I'll post a pic of my other water clone I threw under my bathroom sunroof last week.

    The best way to tell you're about to root is when little white spots would be forming up and down the submerged stalk. I kept them like 1-2 inches in water.
  5. you know a lot of the info you find on these weed forums is people being extra precautious, making sure all the bases are covered so when some n00b wanders in they have a wealth of knowledge to pull from:smoke:
  6. I am also a big fan of water cloning. I actually like the fact that it takes 10-14 days. That way my flowering plants are finished before my veg chamber is overgrown.

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