Headrush from vaping on re-cook

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  1. Greetings;

    I use a Grenco G-Elite to steam ( I hate the term 'vape') 'dried leaf' pot.

    If you are unfamiliar with the Elite, it fires up to your preset temp, and stays there for 5 minutes, then initiates an 'auto off'.

    I have been through several units damaged, apparently, by overheating. The polybutylene terephthalate of the mouthpiece is rated at a max temp LOWER than the Elite can achieve. Ergo, above 375 is basically a 'self destruct' mode. At 375, I barely taste anything after the first hit. I see no vapor when I exhale, and I feel nothing in my throat as far as heat, moisture, or any other type of irritant. Were it not for the gradual, subtle change in discomfort, I would think I was breathing air. I do a long, slow, 5-count intake, hold for a 5-count, and then a three count exhale. Similar to my 'relaxation' breathing exercise.

    I load up my Elite (about .15 to .25 grams) and, if not preoccupied, can get a good 8 draws before the lights go out. I let the unit rest for about 10 - 15 minutes to cool to ambient temperature, before firing it up again. A few times now, after about four or five draws, I will take a draught and get a head rush.

    I find it hard to imagine that I am getting the 'best of my bud' after so much cooking. I am wondering if the deep inhalation, and holding of 375 degree AIR is causing the rush.

    I just purchased a new Sativa from the dispensary. I proceeded with my usual amounts and process. After a few hits on my 'second burning', I took a toke and held it while standing and walking, and bent down for something from a lower kitchen cabinet. When I stood up and released, I got a head rush - PLUS. I came to on the floor. I went into a GIANT full body sweat. I was only out a moment or so, but was surprised I'd gone down. My last recollection was leaning forward onto the counter for support. Though I was able to get up right away, it took a few hours to get reoriented.

    It wasn't until the next day I realized I'd not bombed my head on the floor but rather fractured a cabinet door. Something that may have saved me greater damage.

    I had chest X-rays a few months ago, and my lugs are clear as fresh spring water. I saw a cardiologist some time ago who said I MAY look to have an angiogram done before too long. Nothing 'serious', more a preventative thing.

    So, I wondered if one must be cautious about getting the last of their load when there isn't much to steam, and all one gets is hot air?

    Thanx in advance.
  2. Steaming lol.
  3. Don't use G Pen Elite! Have you seen this?
  4. So your headrush might be caused by inhaling plastic fumes...
  5. Vapefully;
    Thanks for your input. I could not find the referenced pic of damage. I did not have issue with the removable mouthpiece itself, but rather what it clips on to.

    See pic.

    I did research on the plastics. I was surprised that the unit was made to exceed 'safe' temperatures.

    I seem to be having 'head rush' issues at other times. I seem to only head rush from vaping at the last of my load. I have an appointment with a cardiologist about scheduling an angiogram. Something one suggested five years ago. (Recent x-rays show clear chest and lungs, and an EKG a week ago indicated 'I got rhythm' and and a good, strong beat one can dance to.

    I have been compromised with 'fatigue' for some time, and am 'getting tired' of it.

    I 'taste' no plastic. I have been experimenting, and can near give myself a head rush just inhaling through the Elite with it being neither loaded nor turned on. The long, slow, semi-restricted intake, and held breath can do it to me at times. Especially if repeated.

    I also wondered whether the 'steam' was OK but if just plain 375 degree air was having an effect. So I fired it up empty, and took a few drags, but didn't seem to notice anything. Here in AZ, our 'dry heat' may have me a little more conditioned than some folks. But with it empty, and at operating temp, when I drew, I felt/tasted ZERO! Like 'is this thing ON'?

    I also wondered if perhaps I am trying to get too much out of my load. I wish there was SOME way of knowing the pack is played. Multiple cooks at the same temperature leave the leaf a light tan-brown, whereas when I steamed at 400, it was quite a bit darker.

    Thanks again for your input.

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  6. Try using a real vaporizer. And the term is ours. Less than 10 years ago, if you knew what "vaping" was, you were probably a heavy stoner.

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