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  1. I just got some really good headphones from the local Target. Probably the best I've had, and they only costed me 20 bucks! They're Philips brand, but I don't know what type. They're huge, with a volume control on each speaker. And the bass is AMAZING!

    Just thought I'd share with everyone... :)
  2. listenin to some new shit i just got with the ones you're talkin about. Philips Stereo Headphones SBC HP170. or probably something similar. kick ass bass. they get so rediculously loud. i'm startin to like these headphones more than my surround sound just cause the bass is so powerful.
  3. i think my next 20 dollars cud possibly be going towards those insted of a bag of weed....hmmmmm

    Are they worth it though thats a hard choice... kick ass headphones or a bag of weed ....ahhh this is gonna drive me crazy
  4. yeah i got some sweet acoustic research 5.1 dolby digital decoder 900mhz wireless headphones that rock the cazba. they only cost 60 dollars off ebay. highly recommend to any music/movie lover that wants surround sound in headphones and kickass stereo sound too. go out and buy them now.
  5. haha i still have the shitty headphones that like first came out...lol the soft stuff on the outside of the headphones is ripped and has holes
  6. anyone know any good USB port head phones? i wanna get some for my computer.

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