Headphones So Loud, Eyes Twitch

Discussion in 'General' started by BudOnSteam, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Haha on the clap of a beat, eyes twitch, like the sound is piercing my skull.
    happen to anyone else? feels wierd 

  2. You should probably get that checked out

    By a DJ cuz they probably know about that stuff
  3. your headphones must go to eleven.
  4. they go to twelve haha
    ive blown out a couple pairs
  5. Dude you have little tiny hairs in your ear that fall out when traumatic sound enters them, thats how you go deaf, you got a whole life ahead of you, stop doing that promptly, i myself am 23 and have hearing problems already because of super loud music, we used to drive around in a car with bass that would shake a picture off your wall, stupidest shit ever. 
  6. your probly right because i have cant hear well now 
    i think gunshots are louder tho 
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4rTeov57BQ
  8. Yeah be careful, the hype has died down since a few years ago, but for awhile it was this huge ordeal if you listened to music too loudly with headphones. I think it was specifically ear buds, but be careful regardless. You'll hate yourself if you're deaf or close to it 20 years from now haha.

    Mobile reppin

  9. Loud bass can only damage your hearing at around 20-100 hertz which in everyday life is pretty much nothing you hear. So no loud bass didnt damage your hearing if i wasnt on my mobile device I would also get links to prove it.
  10. yer stoopird
  11. Grew up wailing guitars and drums in basements with friends, shooting shotguns all the time, and now work in loud factories... Never wore* ear protection....

    Speak up I can't hear shit.
  12. I shoot a ton and with no ear protection like my .300 win mag. Man you can see the compression wave off the barrel kick up dust :laughing: and i still have amazing hearing.
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    I looked it up and that is true however something as simple as driving with your window down can damage your hearing over time, having your headphones on full blast will as well. 
    All which i do pretty much every day.  I use vented ear plugs because i don't want mine to get any worse then it already is. 

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