Headphones or Speakers?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by F. Fontaine, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. What's your preferred listening method? Good headphones or good speakers?

    I like vinyl good open air speakers with nice low end and plenty of treble.
  2. I'm only use to good headphones at the moment. Rocking some average sennheisers. Once I get a PC setup, speakers are definitely going to be a huge consideration.
  3. I love my old ass speakers. Great sub, good speaker, and lil tweeter think in the corner on each stand. And they're meant for a huge room or outside or something so they're crazy fucking loud. I could seriously have my whole street listening to my music if I had a good enough amp lol. Doubt any of them would like my music anyway lol.
  4. I'd rather blast my speakers instead of my headphones and I'm comparing some meh speakers with a tiny sub to some high quality headphones.
  5. I prefer headphones because you can hear every single sound but I went close to a year without computer speakers and wore my headphones allll the time, it started bothering my ears so now I only wear headphones when I'm travelling.
  6. I prefer headphones when sitting around chillin or at my desk but if I am doing housework or cooking I prefer speakers. Situational, Id say.

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