Heading to Vegas for my 1st time. Any tips?

Discussion in 'General' started by HOUtx, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I will be heading there Apr. 1st through 4th for my buddies 21st bday. What are some tips? Good casinos or places to go?
  2. Go to the whore houses.
  3. Fuck ah ass of hoes and take pics and share to your GC family
  4. I am pretty sure I wont have to pay any chicks to come up to my room :cool:
  5. Do a lot of unmentionables and lose your best friend.
  6. Is Vegas actually as crazy and awesome as it seems in the movies?
  7. So you'll be using roofies? lol.
  8. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...nuff said. You don't have to feel obligated to show us pics embarrassing yourself. Be careful, watch for adam's apples, lol. Beer goggles can bite ya in the ass.
  9. Totally depends. For most people, no probably not as crazy as it's made out to be.

    Buy if you are going to get hella drunk and go to clubs and gamble then you can have yourself a great time.

    OP: There is an outdoor club on the Strip called Carnaval Court that I like, it's right outside Harrah's. Make sure it's nighttime when you go.

    Other than that I usually just go barhopping all over the place. Start off by finding a Fat Tuesday's (they're everywhere). They're just a little drink shop that sells those ridiculously tall mixed drinks. Get one of those with a couple extra shots (I like the Everclear personally) and you're off to a good start. Just stumble around and you will find some machines or tables to play, a bar to get a new drink, etc. There's all kinds of people, some poor, some rich, lots of tourists like yourself, some Mexicans handing out cards advertising escort services, lots of people in crazy costumes (most want money for photos).

    If you want to go to a strip club while you're in town, I like Deja Vu. It's off the Strip so you'd need transportation. Fully nude and they always let me touch during the lap dances. No alcohol served though.
  10. Find me.

    If you can find me I'll share some ancient Chinese secrets with you.
  11. Steal Mike Tyson's tiger. Take roofies, steal a cop car, marry a whore, win a shit ton of $. The possibilities are endless ;)
  12. Get a briefcase full of unmentionables and stay at a nice hotel under a fake name and run around vegas twisted on drugs trash your hotel room fuck some minors and then skip on the bill

  13. I watched that movie last night. finally I have an answer to one of life's biggest questions. What does a dinosaur orgy look like?
  14. 95% of the bishes there are fuckable. protip for you bro grab em condoms
  15. Get high as fuck and find the all you can eat lobster buffet.............nom nom nom
  16. Visit the big casinos but don't play there. Further from the strip you get, the better chance you'll have of winning successfully.
  17. More movie references please!
  18. so Houtx what did you do there? im goin the 10th of this month ill be mostly alone or wit the padre but im down for whatever
  19. We gambled alot at our hotel (Wynn) which was super lavish. Also posted up at the pool.

    Within 30 min of settling into our room we ventured out and ended up finding bud. Wasnt too good and definitely got ripped off but we were just happy to be smoking.

    Only regret is not doing much sight seeing.
  20. cool man. i think im just goin to get tipsy walk the strip and gamble. whats the females like?

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