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Heading to Seattle Area Tomorrow looking for advise

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Dubee604, Mar 13, 2016.

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    Last edited: Mar 13, 2016
    Heading to Seattle Area Tomorrow looking for advise on best dispensary and strongest bud (indica dom) best prices in the area. I'm coming down from Vancouver staying at the Tulalip Casino for a couple nights so wifey can shop at the outlets.

    No stranger to strong weed. Be smoking forever, probably smoking a gram a shatter a day ATM so looking for the kills while i am in town.

    Favorite Strains are Romulan, Rockstar Kush, Death Bubba, MK Ultra, Mr. Ed

    Thinking about hitting up Local Roots atm but i am looking for suggestions preferably closer to the Marysville area. Thanks:)
  2. That's way too far north for me, but you can look up dispensaries in the area using Leafly, and that will give you menus and pricing.
  3. Yah ended up a the Bud hut on camano island. Great Selections Prices are crazy in Washington tho. Ended Up Getting Some PlushBerry at like 23 bucks for 2 grams. Some Head Cheese that at 33.1 THC at 18$ a gram and some BlackBerry Pie for 10 a gram.

    Bud was all great didnt get to try any of the concentrates as i didnt have a dabber bong with me or my pen lol
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  4. Going to pay out of the ass OP. The bud will be good though. I will never pay those prices for weed again.

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  5. Sucks you didnt have access to a good shop, there are some rec shops out here with great prices
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  6. I like Rainier #10 I think it is. One I picked up said 28.8% thca ;0D I usually hit up Local Roots When I'm in the area. There are a lot good places around though, enjoy your visit to Washington. I know I enjoyed mine :0P

    not weed related, but "game works" is super fun in Seattle, nothing like Driving a simulated race car wit ha nice vodka and red bull in your hand :0D

    Hope to hear about you trip,


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