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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GanjaButter, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. I hear people talk about headies, and I've smoked them before and noticed the difference in highs, but what is the actuall definition of headies and how do you know if your smoking them. Also, what does it mean if it is an indica plant or sativa plant?
  2. They are they two different types of weed. One is a more cerebreal thinking high while the other is a kindof put you in your seat stare at the wall high.
  3. But what are the technical differences. I'm looking for specific.
  4. indica is more of a stoned couch potatoe, while sativas are more of a high, laughing and having energy and shit

    i personally favor the sativas, but a good sativa indica mix is always fun
  5. indica = mind high

    sativa = body high
  6. headies is just another slang term for bomb nugs (like dank and kb).

    indica is usually a small plant with real dense nugs. the high puts you on your butt and usually makes you want to go to sleep.

    sativa is a tall, lankey plant with fluffy nugs. the high is usually cerebral, thinking, and energetic. stuff like that.

  7. Other way around, my friend.
  8. Indica's give Body high, couchlock. The plant it self is shorter in stature than the sativa, and is more bushy. The nugs themselves are more dense, but not always.

    Sativa's are more of cerebral high. The plant is tall and lanky, and the nugs are loose and fluffy, but not always.

    I've always heard "headies" used to describe glass pieces that are custom and come with lots of art on them. More of a piece of are than a smoking device.
  9. Around here people say headies to describe particular strains and how they're grown. Best headies we get come from cali.
  10. We have some good headies from BC. Yeah, just specifies the high.
  11. Headie is a term that I've freguently heard used to refer to a dealer and the free marijuana that he earns from selling.

  12. :) ever heard of north cal sensemilla?

    thats what we got around here. its grown by some monks or some shit. and it is CHRONIC bud. But i pay 20/gram 50/8th.

    edit: to add something worthwhile... sativa have leaves with light colored long spidery blades and indica have fat dark blades.
  13. Pics thanks erowid

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  14. omg i have a huge indica plant i didnt know which one it was and it came from some bomb dope too :D im happy now :D gonna go smoke

  15. Sensemilla is just a term that tells you that the bud was grown with female only plants which means that it has no seeds... north cal dosent really have anything to do with it besides the fact that you can probably assume that if your dealer knows his shit its probably from humbolt or mendecino countys...

    ive found that unless you or your guy knows whos growing the stuff you cant really trust the name, usually someone just comes into some fire shit and throws a cool sounding name this is where alot of people come into disagreement about many strains (AK-47, purple haze, bluberry kush, NYC diesel, northern lights etc...) anyway it dosent matter too much either way if u can get the killer bud smoke it and if you really want to know what it really is grow it yourself...
  16. The ratio of THC to CBN is different between Indicas and Sativas resulting in Indicas causing a more couchlock/sleepy high.

    Sativas grow tall and lanky with thinner/longer buds. Indicas are short and bushy with fatter buds. Some Sativas can take up to 120 days to flower; some Indicas finish flowering in as little as 45-50 days.

    They are both the same species. It's like different kinds of tomatos.
  17. aren't headies sativa buds that give you a nice head high/ mind and cerebral buzz?
  18. High quality weed that has been organically grown and has been trimmed and cured properly...contains thc...unlike mids and kind bud.:cool:
  19. Where I come from thats what everything considered to be headies is like... Headies are all over, I'm pretty sure that its not any sort of strain, its just some reallly good fucking bud SO SMOKE IT AND STFU :smoking:
  20. by headies, they mean dank, good bud, usually if they refer to it as headies they dont know the strain name, but it is good. headies have a high percentage of THC, what gets you high in marijuana, therefore they are more expensive. middies are mid-low grade, therefor you get more then you would with headies. you usually get burnt out from them. headies can be indica or sativa. indicas give you couchlock and make you tired, while sativas wake you up and make you energetic, most middies are indica, hence the tired feeling, and adding the burnt out feeling. i hope this helped and was understandable

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