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Headies, purp,!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Propane, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. So i can get a zip for 550 of probably the finest purp i have seen. I am posting a few pics of a few different strands and a O of purp, but i was just wondering what everyone else pays for this kind of stuff. I am in atl btw, and i think we tend to be a little more expensive but everything is always really really good.
  2. Looks great but I don't think I would ever spend 550 for an ounce. Let me guess, you're located somewhere on the west coast?

  3. He said ATL homie. Who do you know on the west coast that pays that much for weed, especially an O? lol. I dont know a single person. Usually 60 an eighth for dank is the most and its still worth it to me, though it may be pricey for others. But yea, bud looks great man, enjoy it if thats the best deal you can get and you can afford it. I think Im gonna post some pics up tomorrow once I get home.
  4. looks like hella dank bud for sure, i normally pay 300 an o and it's always very high quality, good purps like that, that sucks that it's so expensive in atlanta.. kinda wierd it's such a big city but lots of people say it's alot out there.
  5. Yea I'm from Atl too. our bud is way too expensive here in Atl, but the thing is our bud is abundant in cheap quality and scarce in quality like this pic, so those who have that kind of bud can charge much larger prices :mad:

    But wow if you got bud that beautiful, I would love to somehow get my hands on bud like that cuz all I get are mids.
  6. 550 a zone, whats the world comin' to
  7. i mean thats 62 dollars an eighth, so its not too bad, but since you buy an O i wouldt hink it would be a little cheaper. but i mean if you smoke that much weed and your spending 60 and eighth all the time anyway, then whatever.

    it looks dank as FUCK

    but if you could get it cheaper that would be awesome
  8. nice dude....enjoy!!! just finished up a batch of purp...on to the next batch...

    happy tokin!!!
  9. Yeah I also live in in a big city in the S (farther S than ATL) and the prices here suck balls, I've only seen dank like that around here a few times and it's always some ridiculous price like 30 a g (sometimes 75 an 1/8th if ur lucky) and never enough for an O, but would probably run around 5-600 as well. You'd think being within a reasonable distance of H-town would provide potent bud for cheap, but unfortunately the only abundant bud around here is bricked up schwag :devious:

    Enjoy the hell out of that bud for me, looks DAMN tasty! :smoking:
  10. Og kush at dispensary was 600an O. (holistic solutions) No I don't buy pot, but I love people that buy.

    I got a bunch of growers in Roswell, Mary etta...Smyrna, Dunwoody ...ect. I raise hell at them about those cost, and the come back is always the same, "but Alex! They pay it and come back"

    Their all 20 to 40 yrs younger than me and see it as their right for growing. What I don't get is "legal weed" cost more. Has consistantly been getting harvested early, and to add insult they hand or tumble sieve
  11. LOL!!! 550 for a zip?!?! damn yall boys be gettin raped wit prices on here. I can get a zip for bout $200 in the A of sum purp. damn bruh..
  12. Wow... here it goes again, everyones gunna turn this into one of those "MY E-DICK IS BIGGER THAN YOUR'S BECAUSE I PAY LESS FOR WEED!" threads.

    ....Nice purps mayne, who gives a fuck what your payin', i'd be proud to have that sack.

  13. I'm on the west coast, I can get a zip of medical DANK for 200-240 a pop. We aint hella expensive.

    EDIT: That wasn't a better than though, statement, I was jus sayin we aint hella expensive on the West Coast (Don't diss my area mayne)

    Tha's some fire herb mayne, a lil pricey, but for all I know thas a good deal where you live, so good for you :) Look's like it'll smoke goood.
  14. Dude you got ripped off so hardcore. Those are just sugar-coated grapes!!!

    ...Oh no wait, thats just some awesome looking bud...mmmm, happy tokin'!!! ... actually that stuff is to pretty to smoke! just freeze it
  15. Fuck me that shit is absolutely drool-worthy.

    Lol... Edicks....
  16. yeh can't do shit about prices if they are high in your area they are high.

    amazing bud man :hello:
  17. As long as your blazing it doggy. If you love Mary Jane, that shit dont have a price. Good shit and keep HIGH. Prices will always vary GL with your future purchases
  18. Like Tony the Tiger says...They're Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeaaat
  19. ya all that bud there looks pretty sweet and danky -
  20. Nice pics and buds. What kind of camera do you have?

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