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Headies in West-Central Florida?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by th3cre8r, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. #1 th3cre8r, Aug 28, 2008
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    Hey guys, hope all is good...

    So, I just moved to Sarasota to attend the New College of Florida -- fucking sweet school, with one exception: THERE IS NO GOOD TREE AROUND HERE! I'm from Philly, and just assumed that central FL would have wacky weed, but all I'm seeing on campus is low-grade mersh mids and mid-high grade mids getting marketed to out-of-state kids as "krippy". This "krippy" goes for $50 an 1/8th and $90 a 1/4, and that's it. You can't even pick up a fucking O, because the dealers don't have weight!

    To add insult to injury, one of my best friends here, Emma, a Jewish girl from Long Island, has awful arthritis, and her mom pays for her weed for medicinal use. Here, she doesn't have medical grade shit at all... I can't even get something that is distinctly indica!

    So, to cut to the chase guys, I'm not looking for a hook up, but I want to know where the best weed within 30 or 50 miles of Sarasota-Bradenton can be found, in weight... Towns, areas, neighborhoods, whatever -- any tips are appreciated, and will LITERALLY help a disabled person. If you have something to tell me in confidence, please just PM me.

    Thanks all...
  2. theres good bud here you just have to know there right people. i have a friend that picks me up some on his way over to chill so cant really help you there, sorry. but its here you just have to find it. goodluck in your search
  3. you should find people growing. i hear a lot about things in sarasota

  4. yeah man....florida is ALWAYS up and down. dealers are always in and out or getting busted...

    i'm over in orlando though...

    i've heard from a friend that's from out on bird key that there's areas/ghettos where you find a guy on the corner and he'll just walk up and say "hard or soft" and BAM you've got bud (or crack)
  5. st.Petersburg has some good buds if you look in the right place
  6. i just came to tampa for college and i neeeed good bud badly too. i hear about this "droskie" but i havent been able to get my hands on any.
  7. I hear you man... I just need some drosky for myself!
  8. I aussume your her caretaker. You two should try growing some if you have time. It will take a while since you bud money will go to the grow but if you do it right you will get some dank ass buds. (holy shit thats a long sentence)
  9. you guys are funny with the 'krippy' and 'drosky'. if youre getting good mids for 50 an eighth, thats wack! the dro should be 50 a track and pretty much will always be 100 a quad. i live in the tampa area, but im no dealer. my recommendation is to go to some live music shows and start asking quesitons. just ask like "smoke tree?" and go from there. most people arent to sketeched around here, unless they happen to be a dealer themself. then they probably wont tell you anything.

    but we have some good ass pot in florida, and ive been all around the country. its just pricey and hard to find. the availability is limited most all the time.
  10. When I was in florida on vaca I just went to the nearest housing project.

    I got some purp for 150 / quarter, it was way overpriced no doubt, but I was out of town and dry and on vacation, so it was worth it at the time.

    But anyway not to be stereotypical, but you can always find good bud in the projects -- so if they got government funded housing, thats the first place I would make a stop.

    If you don't want to do that, go hit some local head shops and try to make some friends.

    People who shop at head shops most likely smoke marijuana.
  11. i know several places in the ucf area you cant throw a rock without hittin a dealer
  12. Bro don't lose faith, it's definitely out there. ;)

    and 'droski', i lol'd
  13. Yeah I'm in Tampa and i know for a fact that theres some killer shit in bradenton-sarasota...u just gotta look around and make friends i guess like above posters have said
  14. I'm trying... Talked to a random black guy who was clearly BLAZED OUT OF HIS MIND (his eyes weren't bloodshot, they were straight red) at the Shell station around the corner, and he had llello and a few pounds of weight on him... But I kinda don't trust "sketchy high-ass black guy from the Shell" to get me headies. I gave him my number, he either calls or he doesn't. But yeah, I'm asking!
  15. hahaha with a 1,000lb bust in mia, everyones hurtin dawg there isnt shit round thats real good, its called a bit of a drought
  16. You're going through college dealers that are students right? Wrong choice. Those guys have a smaller budget and go for the cheaper mids. You should find people that grow, or are the same age group but not in school. To my experience the best quality weed is found near suburban areas and malls.
  17. I’m looking for a new friend down in treasure island Florida now. I’m from Illinois... we have an easier life up there.
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  18. OP is nearly 12 years old dude if you want a "friend" go to a local bar or a headshop & discretely ask.
  19. Good call. It worked. ;-)

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