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  1. Anyone know about them? I am sorely tempted by a frosted inline bubbler I saw on another prominent site, but I don't know a thing about the maker at all. Gentlemen?
  2. ive seen the same one. Headford is on point. I bought the sickest inline custom fat mike SYN bubbler from there and the headford looked like it would have hit way better. Bigger, smoother, more flow with that sick ass slide
  3. Headford is a collab between one of the Wilson brothers (not Luke) and one of their good friends.....solid workmanship. My friend has that headford triple donut bub off ALT......thing hits smooth as butta
  4. Headford isn't a collab. The blower took classes under Ben Wilson. That's all.
  5. He uses bens slides for sure
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    Are you sure? Maybe collab was not the right word but I was told by someone "in the know" that the shops blowers consist of a Wilson brother and one of their very good friends.

    edit......straight from DWrecks mouth........
    "So here is the low down. Hops invented the inline. Luke Wilson was inspired by the design and made his own version. He taught his brother Ben Wilson how to make them. Ben got a shop together with his buddy Headford and taught him (as well as his brother Jake) how to make them. I moved into their shop and taught them how to sandblast a little. Headford then started signing the pieces and bang!"
  7. ^ correct.

    The wreckah speaks the truth/

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