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Headband or American Kush???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by iggy0075, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. So my connect told me he has headband and American kush. Don't know any prices yet.

    Does anyone have an idea which is better, any own experiences with either?

    Also what are some avg fair prices, per gram, and an eighth. Thanks!!

    Def wanna grab one before Saturday
  2. American kush? Ive never heard of it but headband I am familiar with and that's not disappointing to say the least haha.
  3. So headband is some good quality herb then? Good to know
  4. Well, the name 'headband' has been associated with some good herb. WYSIWYG
  5. Afghans really good as well. Real hazy if i remember right, but its a good bud to smoke if you just wann relax and do Nothing at all. Headband a great one to get moving in my opinion.
  6. Dude, nobody can tell you which is "better".

    I can tell you that they're both indica-dominant strains, but the quality depends on who's growing it.

    If one was grown better than the other, its going to be better, regardless of what the name of the strain is.

    Its not like theres some mythical strain that always comes out great, and others that are always shit.

    Usually, whichever one he prices higher will be better.
  7. Thanks for the info. And I knew that a name isn't going to mean much, it's all about the grow and who you get it from. I've never bought high quality weed before, just mids/high mids, that's why I originally started the thread.

    But I'm probably buying a couple grams of headband. I'll have to post pics later.
  8. If you ever have the opportunity to grab some Headband you should take advantage of it! :hello:

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