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Headband made its way to my town. Finally!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Wither_Away, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I have been dying to get my hands on some headband for quite some time now and thanks to all the medicinal thats been making its way from Michicgan, I finally got my headband on.
    Hope you enjoy the pics. I am enjoying the buds.

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  2. If bud was sold in supermarkets the label on that nug would say "100% grade A dank." :smoking:
  3. That's beautiful
  4. Oh my God. That bud is gorgeous. I need to find myself some of that. I can't get that great of bud in my area. Not that amazing at least.
  5. holy shit that is some good bud! i advise you not to touch it with your fingers cause you'd lose some of those beautiful crystals!
  6. headband is one of my favorites! i wish i could get my hands on some right now :smoke:
  7. Well that sounds like cause for celebration! Looks like its going to be a white christmas for you with all those trichomes. ;)

    Headband is one of the best medical strains there is BTW....enjoy that shit. I know you will.
  8. Got some headband in Ohio my last pick up, LOVEE IT. I'm almost dry, couldn't reup due to spending too much monies on Christmas presents. Oh well, enjoy brotha!
  9. Just heard from my guy that he's getting head band and blue dream. :yay: my wish came true :smoke:
  10. looks like some good shit, what prices are you getting for it? Just wondering.
  11. I'm wondering what the prices are too?
  12. Thanks everyone. I got this as a gift for Christmas for a great deal from my brother. Was supposed to get an eighth for $50 and he said Merry Christmas and tossed another few nugs on the scale and gave me 5g for $50
  13. awesome hook up
  14. Just gonna say being from MI I have had head band from 3 dif people. Let's just say no mater who grew it headband from MI is pretty bad ass
  15. not such a hookup here in Oregon. for 5 grams of that quality or better I pay $25/8th $50 for 8 grams. etc.
  16. nice! i hope some headband comes in my way in the wis/Il border , That looks so tasty
  17. Weed prices vary by location if you haven't noticed. Some places you can't get anything but $20/g $60/eighth. You forget I'm paying a premium to have someone deliver me bud from a dispensary over 200 miles away in a non-medicinal state.

    But I am very happy for you that you can buy it cheaper? Thanks for the update on prices of bud that is hundreds to thousands of miles away from me. But in Chicago that's a hookup.
  18. Thanks man. Idk the chances since this was kind of a special hookup. My brothers girlfriend lives in Michigan or has a house there I guess and has a card and brings me back bud when I request.

    But best of luck to you! I waited for like 2 years and it was well worth it.

  19. yea i understand where you are coming from all i can is hope ig lol, i just hope one day IL or Wisconsin Joins Michigan pretty soon so the better strains come localish atleast... i just have the advantage of living like 1hr from the city and 15mins from rockford and 1hr to madison so i can find some decent Bud

    i know im enjoying my Tangerine Haze right now for a decent price (250/zip)

    Spark up and Enjoy on this cold weather we are having lol
  20. All I want for Christmas is either some Alaskan Thunderfuck, Headband, or Green Crack.

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