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Headband , Flo , and Blackberry Kush

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WheelchairKUSH, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. These are the 3 diff strains I'll be getting tonight. I would have posted in the Stash Jar forums, but I don't have the buds yet.. So I can't take pictures and all that, yet.

    I've looked up all 3 on online reviews, and they sure do look amazing. I was wondering if anybody has ever smoked any of these? I can get up to a zone of each (oz), and I only have enough cash for 1 or 2 zones.

    What to do? Do I get a zone of blackberry kush and a half of the other 2? Or the other way around?
  2. whatever you do, make sure to get the ounce of head band. and maybe you should get the other strains in halfs because then you have variety.
  3. Headband is suppose to be one of the best, I'd get an ounce of that.
    Then a halfy of flo and bb kush. Have fun man :smoke:
  4. Haha, damn. That is a tough decision... Of those, I've personally only smoked Blackberry Kush but it was definitely some epic shit. I've heard lots of good things about the other two as well though. You really can't go wrong with choices like those, no matter how you divide those 2 oz haha
  5. idk why but "zone" pisses me off
  6. HEADBAND is the shit def get a "ZONE" of that and a egg of the blackberry kush

  7. it doesnt so much piss me off, but it deffinetly sounds different. im used to O or onion.
  8. Where I live I've only actually seen headband, I've never even smoked it, it's hard to get reputable dank here. My buddies that have tried it have said it's some of the best they've had.
  9. I heard Flo was dank and headband has a rep for being one of the best. Get a zip of headband and a half of the others
  10. Headband is one of my all time favorites, elite genetics right there! Go with that for sure.
  11. do not pass up the blackberry kush. it is phenominal!
  12. They're all quite phenominal and I've tried all three, grown two.
    The headband I tried was the 707 cut and it destroyed me.
    Blackberry Kush has a very distinct smell and taste but I'd take FLO over it anyday...
    Nothing like some of DJ's work, one of the best breeders in the game and the high of FLO and the terpines in it is an experience all in itself.
    If I were you I would get a half of FLO, half of BB Kush, and a zone of headband if it's the real deal.
    Just my two cents, hope it helps.
  13. F those, blow it all on headband.
  14. I've taken pictures of these , and are in the stash jar forums :smoke:

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