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Headband and Quasar pics : D

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by br0ken, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. From Best Budz in colorado :)
    First three are Headband (So much keif i had to take the dime out of my grinder..) and last two are Quasar (The orange hairy ones).
    Sorry for the shitty iPhone pictures

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  2. another quasar one

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  3. dank flowers!, but might I ask what're you using as a backround in the pictures? looks like you set something on your lap while you were in your boxers? haha
  4. That's definitely a folf disc!
  5. yeah frolf disc ontop of a blanket that i wrap my bong it for safekeeping and me-warm-keeping when i toke
  6. I've had headband, so i was gonna check out the pic and be like thats totally not headband.. but dam that shit looks frosty as fuck id smoke the hell out of it.. colorado has some serious buds out there well their name is best budz rite?? that shit looks firee
  7. yeah the looks of a bud will differ from pplant to plant, and also how its grown. some stuff will keep the same colors( blue, purple, some reds and oranges) but typicly will only retain the sativa or indica look. sometimes buds from the same batch wont even look too similar.
    I personaly believe that its never what people say it is unless A.)You get it from a very reliable sorce such as a very good medical dispensary, or B.) you grow it youre self, from seeds that are from a very reliable seed/clone company.
    I tend to look at street dealers like they are stupid when they say things like ah dawg i got some blueberry or purple urkle for sell. its just kind of meaningless unless i know for sure. I will tell them weather or not i think its good bud, but will never commet if i think its the actual strain or not :smoking: just my 2 cents.
  8. I trust my dispensary haha.

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