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  1. Well so the last journal I started I ended up giving the plants away because I was able to get my hands on some headband and chemdog clones! Was really excited about this. I've smoked some headband and shit was amazing!! I got the clones on Wednesday so they have been with me for 4 days and I'm already seeing new growth since I brought them home. Ohh and I think i'm going to try and take 2 of them and put them into DWC system 5 gallon buckets.. I've been doing a lot of reading and research on how to go from soil to hydro and I think that I will be able to do this without harming the plants. I'm only going to do this to one of each strain so that way if anything bad does happen I won't lose my strains and i'll still have one of each lol.

    About my veg box.. The box is 2x2x4 and built out of 2x4's and osb board. Just built a frame out of the 2x4's and slapped the osb on there for walls. Put a door on the box that locks, and all I have left to do for the box is an intake and outtake hole. I'm having trouble getting my hands on a jig saw lol. Might just go buy one this weekend. For the time being i'm just leave the door open.. Temps stay at right about 72 76 degrees.

    I'll get some pics up tomorrow! Hope you'll pull up your chair and tag along!

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    Heres the veg box


    Heres some pics of the Chemdog!


    Heres some of the Headband!


    Hope you enjoy!!

    ~Buddy J~

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  3. loving the way everything looks. I hope those chemdog are mean.
  4. Hey thanks for stopping by! And you and me both man! I've never smoked chemdog, so when I was able to pick up the clones I jumped all on that lol.
  5. Have a question about these little ones... As you can see in the pics i'm wondering why some of my leafs are curling inwards.. Anyone know what this can be?

    First pic with 2 in there are the chem's next 2 are the headband.. then the last 2 are chems on the right headband on the left.


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  6. Keep it growing brotha. Going to:smoke: sit back and watch these babies grow.
  7. What up man! Thanks man and enjoy! It's gonna be a fun one! Anyone have any input as to when I should top these?
  8. Anyone have an idea on when i should top and start lsting these? I wanted to top them tonight, but i'm worried that they may still be a little young. Any input on this?
  9. just a quick update.. I topped 1 of each of the strains.. Gonna water tonight and update with pics.
  10. no no no! Don't top yet! They are just clones... They haven't built a strong enough root system yet to withstand that kind of stress. If you want to train them meow, begin with LST or just bend/tie them downwards or to the side. IF the plants don't die, you should wait until there is about 3 nodes of Noticeable NEW growth before you chop the others. From my research, Headband is an 80% indica strain that should not grow too much taller than 80cm anyways. Be patient...

    I am growing some Headband from feminized seed and putting them into my hydroponic setup too. I just began a journal yesterday... My girls will be a good 2 weeks or so behind yours but it'll be cool to watch the progress.

    here's my journal:

    I will be pulling up a chair, good luck, happy growing :)
  11. Hey Tokin! Thanks for stopping by... And I wish I would have read this earlier, because I already topped them, and now i'm a little bit worried lol. I hope they'll make it! And yea i'll start lsting the other 2 then for now.. I'm going to go take a peep at your setup right now!
  12. Quick update! I topped one of the Chems, and one of the Headband... Seems to be doing ok for now.. I have a question though.. In the pic of the 2 chemdogs one of them looks fucked up.. In the transport stage of getting them to where they are it tipped over in the cooler and snapped a little bit.. I've done this before, with no problems.. Just put a lil piece of tap on it and boom fixed.. but this time it doesn't seem to be doing so well.. Any input of what I can do to try and save her? Or is she ok just needs some time to heal?

    Pic one is the chem and pic 2 is the Headband..


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  13. Dude, just let the little plant heal, only time will really tell whether it lives or dies. Doesn't look wilted too bad so that is good sign. Keep it up and you will be rewarded with some dank as both these strains are fire.
  14. Hey whats up Jay! Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the kind words of encourgement! I was getting a little bit worried about that one.. So today after work i'm going to buy 2 5 gallon buckets and make 2 dwc systems. And then probably sometime this weekend i'm going to make my flower box. once i finish that box i just have to go get the rest of my equipment then its on like donkey kong!! Can't wait.. I'll post pics of the bucket builds for sure.

    ~Buddy J~
  15. I love that your growing 2 of my fav strains. They are quite good smoke! For the record your chemdawg stretches like a mother, as well as your headband. The headband will stretch but not as much as the chemdawg. But by no means your headband will never become a short, bushy, stalky plant unless you try to make it that way (training, cold temps or whatever). But is is still early to top them. I wait until the nodes lower than the top start to stretch upwards until I top. Check out the time I topped my plants and the nice change in growth topping my plants created. The link is in my sig, and topping helps as long as you do it at the right time. Either way your plants be growing lol keep them happy and they will make you happy :smoke:.
  16. And you may think about just doing a soil or coco run this time around, bc it is going to be a major stress plucking those nicely rooted yung gunz out of their home and putting them in dwc. Coco has the same nutrient schedule as hydro (5.7-6.1 ph, nutrients every watering after they get a little older, and fast growth) and its as simple as soil. The dwc is a great way to grow, but it is a lot more difficult than soil and coco, and you have to piss off your ladies big time to get them into their new home. just my .02... Check out that topping lol. Good luck brotha.
  17. Thanks for stopping by Bug! I actually have some headband right now that I just picked up! I love the stuff! Never was able to smoke any chem, but heard it just chokes you the fuck out! I hope I didn't shock my plants to much with topping them the other day.. You think I should take them out of the solo cups and move them up to bigger pots.. I want them into 5 gallon buckets, but I don't know if I have that much room right now. i'm working on building a flowering box here pretty soon.. I think i'm going with a 6x3x6.5 dimensions. I have a 600 watt hps that i'll be using for flower.. you think that will do the trick when the time comes to flower?

    ~Buddy J~
  18. Subed. I've got a femed Headband about the same age and size as yours. I've never smoked or grown it before. So interested in seeing how she grows. Nice start and nice genetics. I top mine about the same as you have with no ill effects, just makes for a bushier plant.
  19. Thanks for stopping by Briar! Glad to have you along for the ride! I actually have some headband that i'm smoking on now, and let me tell you shit is hella stanky! Taste wonderful!! Not really any huge buds just a lot of popcorn nugs.. but the smoke is awesome.. prolly one of my fav's that i've smoked in a long while! It'll be fun comparing your plant to mine.. Are you doing soil or hydro? I really want to do couple 5 gallon dwc buckets, but I think i'm going to wait till these grow out a little bit more, and just take some clones off them.. and place the clones in the buckets..
  20. Sub'd. Interested in the Headband for my next grow. Good luck. :)

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