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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrbradford69, May 15, 2011.

  1. I've heard some people say that mids don't even get them high. Just a headache, while danks don't give them a headache, does this happen to anyone? Cause its never happened to me
  2. The headache has never happened to me but I know other people who have had that. The only reason you get headaches because in really shitty outdoor grows they use pesticides to keep the bugs away. So basically your just inhaling poison when you get shwagg.
  3. LOL, weed giving people a headache? What's that bullshit? Even smoking schawg won't give you a headache, weed is weed. Smoking schwag will take more to get high but it certainly won't give you a headache, same with mids. Weed is a painkiller, that makes no sense to say it gives you a headache.

    People who say that kind of shit are retards dude, they think they aren't cool if they smoke mids or schwag. Who gives a fuck?
  4. I get headaches a lot when i smoke. Not all of the time but i usually do. Well, at least i think its a headache. I mean, im high and all, i cant really tell haha.
  5. That's what I'm saying man! I miss the good old days when I thought all weed was the same :(
  6. i've heard stems are made out of shit that will give you headaches when smoked, and it makes sense if you've ever smelled a burning stem it smells a lot different than burning weed. And since mids are usually very stemmy, id assume thats why people get headaches when they smoke mids.

    just my guess
  7. maybe there is more to this myth than we think.

    maybe the headaches come from more smoke inhalation / lack of oxygen.

    a dank smoke you might need less of / less smoke

    a mid / schwagg you are gonna be takin' in more smoke to get high.

    could this be it?
  8. Those kinds of people just say that shit so they sound cool. If you packed a bowl of danks, quickly replaced it with mids, I bet you they wouldn't even notice. "yea bro i only smoke dank fuck mids or schwag" those kinds of people need to stop smoking weed, its not a competition to see who is the coolest person; people smoke cause they enjoy it so who cares what others smoke.

    Shit, I'd rather smoke schwag than have nothing at all. The good thing about smoking schwag is you can actually enjoy the time it takes to smoke. The actual smoking part lasts longer than 5-6 hits of dank, with schwag you take your time and enjoy smoking a few bowls to get really high, not just one and then its suddenly over.

    And droxik, I've been smoking for years and I've never gotten a headache from smoking schwag or mids, thats a myth. Stems don't give you headaches either, they get you high. I've saved my stems and smoked them and I got super fucking high, no headache what so ever, thats another myth.
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    It's not the stems it's the seeds that give you a headache and smell bad.
  10. I for one never smoke seeds anyway, so I have no idea how they smell.

    Go burn a stem, then burn a nug and tell me they dont smell differently.
  11. If I smoke some sativa I'll usually end up with a headache at some point
  12. If my tolerance is really high like it is right now mids won't get me high and would probably give me a headache, but if my tolerance is low-medium I don't at all

  13. My money is on this ^
    Think about it, if you hold your breath long enough you get a headache too, weed or not.

    No knowledge of marijuana needed on this one me thinks
  14. i rarely get them but when i do it is when im smoking some good shit and cough alot which i think? leads to lack of oxygen either way just my 2 cents if i cough alot i will get a headache and if that happens then next time i just take a smaller hit and get a blowjob and it goes away!
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    Advice anyone can live by, get a blowjob. Lol

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