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Headaches after come down

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by DankHerbologist, May 4, 2012.

  1. For some reason, for years while I have been blazing, once I start to come down I get such a bad headache. It isnt EVERY time but I would say something around 6 out 10 times. I have loved weed too much for it to make me stop, mostly I have been refusing to believe that weed is the actual problem. I've noticed vaping doesn't cause headaches quite as much as regular smokign though.. My mom has had migranes most of her life, sometimes I wonder if I inherited some sort of head ache problem.

    Anybody have any ideas or suggestions to keep from getting headaches when coming down or smoking in general? I don't want to stop smoking, it helps take away other pains I have and I enjoy it.
  2. Ya I get an occasional headache after I sober up, usually when I'm somewhere stressful like work
  3. Stressful environments do only make it worse. I try to focus on things like not clenching my teeth, tensing my eye brows or squint cause that fuels my headaches.
  4. I get headaches nearly everyday, and smoking always makes them better but once I come down its twice as bad as before. :/
  5. Than the answer is simple just DONT come down :smoke:

  6. Same here, if I already have a headache and smoke then my head gets twice as bad. I have to make sure I pop an excredine and eat a meal otherwise I'm fucked.

  7. I thought I was all cool about to post that, then I look up and read it, damn you :smoke:
  8. I'm sorry man if I could of known you were I wouldn't have stolen your thunder :p
  9. do you have consistently high quality weed? are you getting enough sleep? when you smoke, have you made sure that your nutritionally stable?

    i find this much more common with high thc strains, eg. 18-23%, and indicas. if im already in a stressful situation it makes the headache worse for me. lack of sleep and at appropriate nutrition exaggerates these effects. part is psychosomatic, part is physical.

    interesting how nsaids help things like this. makes me think they act as placebos in a way
  10. I think the smoke could have to do with it , I vaporize and haven't had a head ache in months.

  11. Yes, not trying to brag but I always have bomb buds, never any shitty stuff. I sleep about 6-8 hours a night always on a full stomach. As far as I know I am nutritionally healthy, I only eat good foods only drink water, occasional multi vitamins and fish oil.
  12. sometimes I burn out so bad I get on the bad end of a headache. It's more like a stiff-brain-pain rather than something crushing or piercing like though....
  13. then your problem's the dank my friend. you may want to give the lower tier stuff a good chance. like i said earlier, higher thc levels can give you headaches. i cant smoke top tier like skywalker and private reserve because of the headaches i get, plus the vertigo that accompanies it. see if you can get your hands on some organic also. your body may not like the chems/nutes that many growers have become accustomed to using

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