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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thedanksta, Sep 9, 2003.

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  1. yesterday i hit my bong a coughed hella hard and it my the back right side of my head hurt, now every time i cough my head hurts

    did the bong cause my head to hurt or what
    whats goin on?
  2. im confused,did you actually hit yourself in your head with your bong?

    unless you clubbed youself with your piece id say your bong was not the cause....mighta been the coughing, maybe. and honestly if you didnt wack yourself with somthing and it hurts when you cough and IF it doesnt go away ya might wanna go to the dr. maybe you pulled a muscle or somthing in your neck causing you pain....
  3. oh how much i wanna crack myself in the head with my bong

    nah j/k i took a rip off of it and coughed then my head hurt

    i just hit it again and it made my head hurt again but it was from the coughing not from the bong hit itself the coughing made it hurt whats t he reason
  4. seriously maybe you strained a muscle or somthing coughing...
    an im glad ya didnt club yourself :D
  5. Hehe, I got confused too...thought you hit yourself in your head with your bong. :D That\'s a funny mental picture.

    I\'m sure you just ripped it way more than usual. I\'ve noticed a similar type effect when I get a massive rip. Never to the point of it actually aching though, more of just being able to tell you got kicked in the ass!
  6. me and my bud were talking about how much it would hurt to take a smack from a water filled bong in the noggin.

    OW!!! Big and heavy, plus broken glass shatters...
  7. ..::shakes head::..

    no hitting eachother with your bongs children, thats not the right use for them... uugghhh common.... PUT THE DAMN THINGS DOWN

    ..::deep breath::..

    thats better... now take a hit and quit whining... and ya, i think you should see a doc

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