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Headache from smoking weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chinoko, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I have gotten a headache the last 4 times I've smoked. Like migraine headaches. What can it be??? Thanks
  2. Are you smokin mids by any chance? I've heard sticks and stones will give you headaches. Besides that I dont know.
  3. Or your a pussy..
  4. your shits laced BRO!

  5. not mids, but not dank. $10 g's
  6. Take out the stems and seeds. Also if your shit is bammer, don't smoke it.

  7. my shit don't come with seeds. what is bammer
  8. It happens no denying it. It sucks try drinking a lot of water whilst smoking and whilst high
  9. Bammer is shit weed. Schwag. The shit that comes from Mexico. You're from California though so I'm sure you're weed is fine. You probably smoked way too much. Take it nice and easy.
  10. Yeah i get headaches to after smokin the shit herb i find in my small town ha.
  11. Really bad schwag gives me migraine headaches

    Maybe that's your case?
  12. Take small bong hits.
  13. can people please quit gauging their weed quality on the price "not mids, but not dank $10 g's" i get the bombest shit for about $5 per .7 grams. so your $10 description is useless and lol not being a dick just saying. and hey bro maybe try a vape or bong it might help with this.

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