headache after smoking

Discussion in 'General' started by O/-/-ni, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. after trying to smoke about three differnt strains i keep getting a headache after each one. I have been smoking for several years and nothing like this has happened before, help would be greatly apprciated
  2. Some people claim its stems (maybe break up your bud really fine, and separate teh stem from the green with a knife or something)... I get headaches randomly. From the same sack, I got a splitting headache one time, and the next time, it got rid of a headache I had...
  3. i dont think its either seeds nor steams because i clean my shit very weel and this sack that i got was already cleaned when i got it but who knows.
  4. I always get a small headache during my comedown, i just have a couple tylenol on ahand at all times
  5. i only really get headaches if its seeds......i cannot stand the taste, the "popping" it does in the bowl, it jus horrible if u hit a seed...i get such a bad headache and feel kinda lowsy
  6. I get headaches sometimes after smoking stress (dirt cheap weed). So I try to stay away from it. Kush is goood.
  7. Does the bud have a distinct smell to it?
  8. just smoked the last of it pretty decent mids no chemical smells or anything
  9. when i get a headache. shitttttttt. i smoke more dogg. that wut its all about
  10. I sometimes get a headache when coming down....usually not that bad but noticeable. Just take a tylenol or something
  11. yep smoked that shit outa the rest of my weed with no headache YAY!

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