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Headache after smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokenweed, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I've been smoking weed for about 10 months now and once every 10-15 times I smoke, I end up getting a really bad headache. It makes me feel uneasy and nauseous. I know I'm not smoking crappy quality weed, stems, and seeds because my friends never get headaches from smoking the same bowl. I know I'm not swallowing the smoke because I only get headaches once every 10-15 times.

    What do you guys think causes these headaches?
  2. i get them too, usually not too bad and go away within 5 minutes and if not ill take a tylenol or something
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    My freind used to get the same thing......

    Do you smoke tobaco with your joints?
    For some people this can have a negative effect. My freind stopped smoking his marlbro reds after having a joint and his headaches went away.

    Also try cutting down how much you smoke.

    Try and be a little more specific ......
    Do you hear your heart pounding along with your head? If so trying cutting down your intake of weed or stop doing bowls and smoke a joint but spread out your intake of the weed.

    You can also try switching to a differnt strain ....
    Ive noticed that they have differnt effects on people.

    Remember take it easy.....
    You gotta learn to crawl before you can walk.....

  4. two easy solutions.
    1. dehydration
    2. low blood sugar before smoking

    therefore, just have a bottle of water while you smoke (should have one for your throat anyways), and have something sugary before hand (which shouldnt be hard lol).

    i get the same thing and these things helped alot. i have chronic migraines so it doesnt work everytime for me, but it cut back a significant amount. for you it should help 99% of the time.
  5. hey i get the same thing alot and i know my bud isnt bad
  6. shank is right. Dehydration is probably your problem. Also it happens to me when I smoke a lot in one sitting
  7. if you smoke a cigar and get the same kinda headache, it's definitely dehydration. cause i also get them when i smoke cigars, thats how i knew it was the act of smoking and not the high.
  8. Eat and drink more, more water that be.
  9. hate to break the news to you but the weed is say your weed is always good so im sure that it looks, smells, tastes, feels good, etc. but the headaches you are suffering from are most likely caused by a bad flush..this means while the ladies were growing, the grower did not properly flush all nutrients/nudes/pesticides out of the plants there for you are smoking those and receiving an unwanted headache:/ ive got some amazing buds at the moment but i too am getting the infamous headache because they were not flushed easy way to tell if they are flushed correctly is to look at the ash after lighting a bowl. white/light gray ash ash BAD hope this helps!!!

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